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LOVE DURING LOCKUP Chelsea sued her dad Steve in 2019 for fraud, filed for restraining order, more

The on-screen tension between Love During Lockup‘s Chelsea and her dad Steve is obvious, but it’s quite surprising they are even on signing terms given that Chelsea sued Steve just a few years ago for allegedly taking her insurance money after a house fire! She even filed a restraining order against him because he allegedly berated her while she was in the hospital — after she tried to kill herself and he saved her life!?


Love During Lockup Mark’s friend Jeremy’s arrest record includes larceny & LOTS of DUIs

Prior to his first video call with inmate bae Sincer-a, Love During Lockup star consulted his friend Jeremy for advice. Jeremy revealed that he was a good person to give advice since he spent nearly a decade in prison himself! Keep reading to find out details about Jeremy’s arrest history. Plus, lots more info on Jeremy, including the fact that he dated another Sharp Entertainment reality star in 2017!


LOVE DURING LOCKUP Are Justine and Michael married? Was he released from prison? SPOILERS

During the Love During Lockup Season 2 premiere, Justin reveals that she plans to marry convicted felon Michael in a prison ceremony the following day, and the trailer features a scene with Justine celebrating outside prison walls while wearing a wedding dress. So, did Justine and Michael actually get married? Is Michael still in prison, or has he been released? We’ve got the spoilers for you!

EXCLUSIVE Love During Lockup features rapper Montana Millz aka Michael Persaud

Yesterday we shared photos and bios of the cast of Love During Lockup Season 2 courtesy of the new preview trailer and a press release by WE tv. However, there was one couple that was not included in the press release, so we didn’t officially have names or bios for either. It seems that there may have been a pretty good reason for the omission — the convict is rapper Montana Millz! Montana Millz made headlines in 2016 due to the fact that he had a song titled “Sell Drugz” and he was arrested for selling drugs.