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LOVE DURING LOCKUP Is Dalton out? Dating girlfriend since 2017? Is he filming again?

We have an update on Love During Lockup inmate Dalton, who was dating Haley (aka Cruella) during the first season of the show. A woman named Christa posted a photo with Dalton last month and captioned it by referencing their rocky relationship since 2017. Is Christa Dalton’s ex that he was supposedly spending Haley’s money on? Were they dating the whole time? Is Dalton out of prison now? Are he and Christa currently filming for WE tv? So many questions!

LOVE DURING LOCKUP Talsey burns fiancee’s house down, she sends him thousands in jail, Santiba responds

It appears as though Talsey McCullough may be making a bid to return for another season of Love During Lockup. Talsey is currently back in jail in Georgia facing a felony arson charge after allegedly burning his fiancée’s house down in February of this year. Despite the small bump in their relationship, Talsey’s fiancée Kayla Miller is standing by her man. Meanwhile, Talsey trashes his prison sugar mama Santiba.


LOVE DURING LOCKUP Talsey and fiancee Kayla mug shots after he allegedly burned their house down, Santiba reacts

We now have mug shot photos for Love During Lockup star Talsey McCullough and his fiancée, Kayla Miller, after they were both arrested on February 8. Talsey was charged with felony arson after allegedly burning the couple’s house down. Kayla was charged with hindering apprehension or punishment of a criminal.

Plus, Santiba reacts to Talsey’s mug shot photo wearing a suicide smock vest by posting photos of her self in a convict costume and posing for her own mug shot photo. She also reflects on her relationship with Talsey and responds to comments.


Dalton’s mom Lisa against Love During Lockup, says WE tv wants him for another season

The mother of Love During Lockup inmate Dalton is very outspoken on Facebook. Read numerous excerpts from Lisa’s posts since late last year, including her criticism of Love During Lockup and her claim that WE tv wants to continue filming Dalton whether he remains with Haley or not. Plus, find out who Lisa suggests might try to kill her and frame the murder on her estranged husband! (Seriously.)


LOVE DURING LOCKUP Talsey McCullough arrest update, new mug shot photo

We have some additional updates on the arrests of Love During Lockup inmate Talsey McCullough and his fiancée, Kayla Miller — including one of Talsey’s new mug shot photos. In case you missed it, Talsey was arrested on two separate occasions this month, once for aggravated assault, and another time for arson. Kayla was arrested for hindering apprehension or punishment of a criminal, and her daughter recently launched a GoFundMe revealing that Kayla’s house burned down due to arson.

LOVE DURING LOCKUP Tai’s arrest details

On the current season of Love During Lockup, Tai decides to back out of her meeting with Boston (aka “Hottie’s girl”) at the last minute. Tai is confident she won’t be able to control herself, and she doesn’t want to go back to jail. Wait, back to jail?! Keep reading for details on Tai’s 2015 and 2016 arrests!