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LOVE DURING LOCKUP LaTisha’s tax business sued for eviction from 3rd location in 2023

Love During Lockup’s LaTisha Collier is facing yet another lawsuit as her Boss Tax and Accounting Services business has been sued for eviction from another location — the third this year!

Plus, LaTisha is strongly hinting that she intends to have a baby soon after her incarcerated husband, Keith Collier, is released from prison. Oh, and what’s up with the house she said she was buying more than two months ago?

LOVE DURING LOCKUP Haley Cole pregnant with twins! Could Dalton be the dad?

We reported in late October that Love During Lockup Season 1 star Haley Cole was hinting that she might be pregnant with her second child. Well, she is no longer just hinting! And it’s not just her second child!

Keep reading for Haley’s twins announcement. Plus, we break down her recent dating timeline to find out if Dalton Edgin (who was recently arrested for allegedly assaulting Haley) could be the dad.

Life After Lockup cast photos and couples guide Season 8 2023

WE tv has officially confirmed the couples who will be featured on Life After Lockup Season 8! The new season will feature no fewer than NINE couples, including three first-time Life After Lockup couples and one couple returning after a three-season hiatus.

Keep reading to find out all of the couples featured this season! Plus, watch the preview trailer and get details on what to expect from each couple thanks to the bios released by WE TV!

LOVE DURING LOCKUP Is Haley still dating Dalton? Is she pregnant?

WE tv aired a “Where Are They Now?” special Thursday night that included Love During Lockup Season 1 star Haley Cole. However, A LOT has happened since Haley filmed the special, including multiple Dalton arrests, a new boyfriend, and Haley hinting that she may be pregnant!?

Keep reading to get ALL caught up with Haley, including her emotional response to the Where Are They Now? episode after she received A LOT of criticism for dating Dalton again.

LaTisha Collier buying $895k house; plus eviction & lawsuits updates

Love During Lockup‘s LaTisha Collier isn’t going to let a few lawsuits, bankruptcies and evictions stand in her way of achieving the American Dream! The Boss Tax and Accounting Services founder revealed on Instagram last week that she and her felon bae, Kieth Collier, are in the process of “buying a million dollar home!”

Keep reading for details of the Colliers’ potential new digs! Plus, updates on all the evictions and lawsuits filed against LaTisha and her accounting business!

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Andy files for divorce from wife Mindy EXCLUSIVE

Love During Lockup and Love After Lockup’s Andy continues to work towards his happily ever after with his felon bae, Brittney.

The 45-year-old former police officer has been doing background checks, chauffeuring future stepdaughters, and buying plenty of rose petals and stuffed animals. However, there is one thing Andy seems to have forgotten to take care of — getting divorced! That all changed earlier this week when he FINALLY filed the paperwork. And no one was more happy (or snarky) than Andy’s wife, Mindy!

LOVE DURING LOCKUP Asonta funeral photos

Friends and family of Love During Lockup star Lacitrus Asonta Gholston said goodbye over the weekend with a funeral service in his hometown of Toccoa, Georgia.

Keep reading for photos from the funeral service and burial. Photos include Raneka wearing a shirt with the last photo Asonta shared on Facebook, and Asonta’s pregnant girlfriend beside the horse-drawn hearse carrying Asonta’s casket.

LOVE DURING LOCKUP No police chase in Asonta’s fatal crash, plus more details

It was reported over the weekend that Love During Lockup inmate Lacitrus Asonta Gholston died after being involved in a head-on collision Friday night.

New information from the Georgia State Patrol confirms Asonta was the driver who passed away, and also sheds some light on exactly what happened. Also, the mother of the driver of the other vehicle involved in the crash shares additional information, including claims that drugs were found.