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LAST RESORT Who is Kalani’s ‘Hall Pass’? New boyfriend spotted at the airport?

Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa’s five year marriage looks to be doomed on 90 Day Fiancé: The Last Resort. Asuelu has recently cheated on Kalani on a trip home, and on last week’s episode we learned that he’s been cheating since the beginning of their relationship!

Because of Asuelu’s infidelities, he gave Kalani a hall pass and she began a sexual relationship with another man that she found to be much more satisfying. She’s since been bold enough to share another man, who may be her hall pass, on social media. She’s also been spotted with a mystery man at the airport.

LAST RESORT Kalani can’t forgive Asuelu for cheating on her the whole time

On The Last Resort, Kalani Faagata is so disgusted by her husband Asuelu Pulaa’s cheating that she can’t even fathom being intimate with him anymore. Asuelu wants hope that things can improve, but Kalani’s holding years of resentment that she can’t let go of because Asuelu has been cheating on her the entire time they’ve been together.