Jussie Smollett hoax 2

LINKS! Jussie Smollett hoax, Miranda Lambert intensifies, Oscar cannabis…

CELEBITCHYIt’s looking more and more like the Jussie Smollett hate crime might really have been a Jussie Smollett hoax. He apparently “rehearsed” the attack against him with his two alleged assailants a few days before the January 29th altercation

THE BLASTIn related Jussie Smollett news, Cardi B’s response — that Smollett “f*cked up Black History Month,” among a few other Cardi-isms — is pretty much all that needed to be said

LAINEY GOSSIPThis story about Miranda Lambert and her young hot brand-new cop husband and the baby he apparently maybe had at home when he and Miranda got together is completely bananas and also just a delightful example of social media detective work

VOXIt seems even mega celebrities are stressed out: The gift bags going out at the Oscars this year are full of THC and CBD-based products, along with therapy in case the cannabis doesn’t work

THE BLEMISHNo, Laverne Cox is not pregnant (but she does kind of look more like a ‘Sexlantica’ than a Laverne)

JEZEBELThe trailer for Veep‘s final season is here. If you weren’t already excited about this show coming back, perhaps the line “I took a dump on the glass ceiling and I shaved my muff in the sink of the old boys’ club” will pique your interest

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Reveals How His ‘Jersey Shore’ Co-Star Mike Sorrentino Helped Him Get Sober & What His Relationship Status with Jen Harley Is”

REALITY TEAKim Zolciak has some surprising thoughts on NeNe Leakes’ troubled marriage to Gregg

DLISTED“Prince Harry And Prince William’s Royal Household Split Is Happening Soon”

LINKS! Paul Manafort lied (again), YNW Melly murder charges, Ryan Adams’ douchiness…

Paul Manafort lied (again) 2

VOXIt will probably come as no surprise to learn that Paul Manafort lied (again), this time to members of Robert Mueller’s team after Mueller offered Manafort a plea deal in exchange for cooperation last year

JEZEBELA Floridian rapper named YNW Melly — real name Jamell Demons — has been arrested on a pair of first-degree murder charges after allegedly killing two men last autumn and trying to make it look like they were shot in a drive-by

THE BLEMISHI had never heard a Ryan Adams song before the new report alleging that tries to trade fame for sex with young would-be pop stars, and now I have even less reason to listen to one

THE BLASTCardi B ended her self-imposed Instagram retirement so she could plug Friday’s release of the song she did with Bruno Mars. She was gone all of 48 hours, so hopefully you took the under in your office pool

REALITY TEA = The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Margaret Josephs, outraged by Marty Caffrey’s continual rudeness, earned herself a little bit of viral fame by pushing Marty into the pool on the RHONJ season finale last night

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPGabe Brown from Alaskan Bush People got married to his girlfriend Raquell Rose Pantilla in a stealth wedding last month, congrats!

CELEBITCHYShannen Doherty says she made up her mind to be as open as possible about her cancer battle because it was “very important” for her “[to be] there for people who were going through it”

LAINEY GOSSIP Brie Larson appears to be absolutely killing it on the press tour for Captain Marvel, bench pressing 5000-pound cars for fun and generally charming the pants off of the viewing public with an ease not seen since Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman breakthrough


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Cardi B stole the Grammys

LAINEY GOSSIPIs anyone surprised that Cardi B stole the Grammys in terms of fashion if not entirely? Invasion of Privacy made her the first solo artist to win Best Rap Album, and her red carpet outfit somehow managed to channel Bjork and “The Birth of Venus”

DLISTEDHere’s the rest of the most worthwhile red carpet looks, including Kylie Jenner’s bizarre not-Michael-Jackson pink…thing, George Clinton looking remarkably restrained (for him), and A$AP Rocky wearing the outfit Kylie should have (among others)

CELEBITCHYGrammy Hot Takes Alert: “Michelle Obama was the best part of the Grammys. Alicia Keys was the worst part.”

THE BLASTBrad Pitt stopped by Jennifer Aniston’s 50th birthday party last weekend, nbd

VOXIs there anybody left out there who *doesn’t* believe that the government is going to shut down again in four more days?

THE BLEMISHIt was a pretty open secret that Bob Costas got fired from doing the Super Bowl last year for talking about how football leads to head injuries and brain trauma and he wouldn’t let his kids play, but now we have confirmation

JEZEBELVirginia governor Ralph Northam should maybe not…say…words? So much? Right now?

REALITY TEAAndy Cohen has been a father for like a week and he’s already getting dragged on social media; this time it’s for taking his newborn son on a plane for a cross-country flight

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Johnny Bananas Says ‘The Challenge’ Newcomers Are Not Fit To Carry On The Franchise”

Nancy Pelosi's hate-clap

LINKS! Nancy Pelosi’s hate-clap, True crime explained, Nick Cannon trolls Kylie…

CELEBITCHYWe’re two days removed from the 2019 State of the Union Address, and Nancy Pelosi’s hate-clap reaction continues to gather viral steam

JEZEBELEnjoy this podcast intended “to help figure out what is so appealing about content about grisly murders and serial killers” and basically why there’s such a true crime boom in the entertainment world

THE BLEMISHNick Cannon has replaced Wendy Williams on her talk show while Williams is on medical leave, and for no apparent he’s chosen to make trolling Kylie Jenner a regular part of his hosting duties. As someone who has done the same thing for years, I celebrate Nick Cannon’s use of his new platform

DLISTEDJay-Z is helping raise money and hire lawyers for 21 Savage’s battle with ICE after he (Savage) was arrested and detained for overstaying his visa

THE BLASTKathryn Dennis and Bravo are both dragging disgraced former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel via legal documents in one of his many current court battles. The legal drag is one of the most satisfying high-profile insults and these documents do not disappoint

REALITY TEASurprise, surprise: Another one of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club employees thinks she’s a terrible boss. Now to set up a reality TV showdown between Lohan and Lisa Vanderpump

LAINEY GOSSIP*Have* you watched Russian Doll yet?

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPTyra Banks (and her team of investors) is opening a model-themed theme park in Santa Monica. It will be called Modelland. It is the fashion world’s answer to Eataly

VOXIt turns out that honeybees’ brains are sophisticated enough for them to learn basic math and also understand the concept of zero. And spiders can do the same thing. Based on this knowledge, I vote we all just turn everything over to the insects and let them run the planet for a few thousand generations

LINKS! Chris Brown rape investigation, Jussie Smollett attack, Amy Schumer pregnancy cake…

Chris Brown rape investigation 1

THE BLASTThe lawyer for the woman accusing Chris Brown of raping her in Paris is confident that the Chris Brown rape investigation “will continue” despite the fact that Brown is no longer in custody and has left the country entirely

CELEBITCHYKevin Hart tried to send a message of compassion to Jussie Smollett after the Empire actor suffered a horrifying hate crime, but got dragged for it across social media because it’s only been a couple of minutes since Hart’s Oscar hosting controversy (and also because social media)

THE BLEMISHThe pregnancy cake that Amy Schumer’s sister-in-law got her would not be at all out of place as the cover for some grindcore bands whose names I can’t give without asterisking them beyond recognition. Suffice it to say that this is a cake to haunt your daydreams and sex life for years to come

DLISTEDGwyneth Paltrow is being sued for $3.1 million by a doctor who says he suffered “permanent traumatic brain injury” and other maladies after Paltrow crashed into him while skiing, then fled the scene. If he wins, expect everyone who saw Shallow Hal in theaters to follow the doctor’s lead

JEZEBEL“Woman Says No One Helped Her When a Man Repeatedly Punched Her in Front of a Downtown LA Crowd”

VOX“”Wild-caught,” “organic,” “grass-fed”: what do all these animal welfare labels actually mean? A shopper’s guide to the labels on meat, dairy, and eggs.”

LAINEY GOSSIPApparently Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway’s new movie Serenity is “not just a movie, it is an EXPERIENCE” in the sense that it is so unbelievably batshit terrible it’s destined to become a cult classic. Here’s the trailer!

REALITY TEARHONJ star Margaret Josephs’ husband Joe Benigno is not the biggest fan of his wife’s close relationship with her ex-husband Jan

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPEnjoy these nine funny things that reality TV stars tweeted this week

LINKS! Cardi B and Offset back together, Michael Jackson documentary, Black Panther Oscar chances…

Cardi B and Offset back together 2

THE BLEMISHApparently the thing that got Cardi B and Offset back together was simple forgiveness, plus the quarter-million dollars Offset dropped on Christmas presents

JEZEBELMichael Jackson’s people are not happy with Leaving Neverland, a four-hour, meticulously detailed documentary alleging that the icon was also a child molester. Jackson’s estate and family are calling the accusers “opportunists” — but any retort from their side in the #MeToo and Surviving R. Kelly era

LAINEY GOSSIPBlack Panther won the SAG Awards’ equivalent of Best Picture, and the SAG membership is the single biggest voting bloc for the Academy Awards, so now the buzz is that Black Panther will clean up at the Oscars, too

THE BLASTKendall Jenner got paid $275,000 to promote the Fyre Festival and now she’s going to have to testify in court about it

VOXFox’s live version of Rent wouldn’t have been a total shitshow if the multi-million dollar production had spent a few thousand on some understudies. But they didn’t, and it was, and you should feel confident betting a prized possession that all live musicals will have three backups for every single role from now on

CELEBITCHYIf you aren’t listening to Celebitchy’s new podcast yet, do yourself a great big favor and start! It’s really fun, often catty, and full of thoughtful celebrity takes

REALITY TEATeresa Giudice has been getting into shape for her first bodybuilding competition and she’s using Dolores Catania’s ex-husband Frank as her trainer

DLISTEDKelsy Karter, who is a singer and definitely not a person with a mid-tier Instagram following looking to level up, got a face tattoo of what’s supposed to be Harry Styles but what actually looks like an artist’s rendering of the adult version of someone missing since childhood

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPKendra Wilkinson would like you to know she is neither dating nor sleeping with Chad Johnson, despite mounting evidence (and plenty of mildly warm gossip) to the contrary

LINKS! More Bryan Singer allegations, SOTU officially off, R. Kelly NDA revealed…

More Bryan Singer allegations 1

THE BLEMISHThere are now even more Bryan Singer allegations, after four men have came forward to claim the director had sex with them or sexually abused them when they were teenagers. One of the four says he was thirteen when the encounter took place

VOXHere’s how Nancy Pelosi won her staredown with Donald Trump over not having a traditional State of the Union address while the government is still shut down

THE BLASTRemember how every member of R. Kelly’s alleged sex cults had to sign an NDA barring them from talking about pretty much anything that went down involving Kelly? Now you can see what the agreement looks like; it sounds exactly like what you would expect the leader of a cult to have his devotées sign

DLISTEDAfter Drake and Skrillex and G-Easy got huge deals to help lure more millennials to the desert, Cardi B is now officially on that Vegas residency money train

REALITY TEAReal Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is hosting Andy Cohen’s baby shower this weekend. The guest list is “mainly housewives” and other Bravo-lebrities, and so while I’m absolutely happy for Andy, I also wish I could get hold of a waiter’s uniform or something and sneak inside for gossip purposes

CELEBITCHYIt sounds like Gina Rodriguez is trying to have it both ways for initially going “All Lives Matter” with some comments eliding black women; and then, when the backlash came, breaking down in tears and claiming she felt like part of the black community growing up because it was the only community of color she could look to in the entertainment industry

JEZEBELWooly Willy’s beard was fuller

LAINEY GOSSIPElizabeth Banks is making mogul moves with the Charlie’s Angels reboot, which just got pushed back from a September to a November release in a sign of confidence from the studio

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPTarek El Moussa from Flip Or Flop is getting his own show sometime this year, as the inexorable reality TV split from ex-wife Christina enters its final phase