Top YouTube earner

LINKS! Top YouTube earner, Kevin Hart hosting Oscars, Transgender Miss Universe…

THE BLEMISHThe top YouTube earner for this year and beyond is a seven-year-old boy named Ryan whose channel features videos in which he plays with and reviews toys. Ryan has 17 million followers and made $22 million last year

CELEBITCHYThere were brief and strong pushes for both Patton Oswalt and Gritty, but the 2019 Oscars have chosen their host: it’s Kevin Hart

THE BLASTAngela Ponce, Spain’s contestant in the Miss Universe pageant this year, is apparently the heavy favorite to win according to onling bookies (for comparison’s sake, her odds are more than three times better than Miss USA’s)

VOXHere’s a helpful rundown on the ongoing controversy surrounding Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ brand-tastic wedding, which may itself still be ongoing

REALITY TEAIn a master stroke of reality TV narration-changing, RHOBH star Kyle Richards acknowledged the work she’s had done on her face while shooting down rumors that she’s gone full facelift

JEZEBELAnd in a master stroke of benevolence, here’s the story of how two senior citizens from New York wiped out $1.5 million in medical debt belonging to strangers “just because they felt like it”

LAINEY GOSSIPBrangelina is now done and over for good, officially and legally. Apparently their custody agreement states that Brad starts out with less than 50% custody but that he can gain “more and more” over time

DLISTEDNetflix, which apparently prints money almost as quickly as it does new shows, is going to spend $100 million to keep Friends after reports surfaced that 2019 would be Friends-free

LINKS! Flynn spilled Trump’s tea, RIP Jael Strauss, Jon Gosselin Plus One…

Flynn spilled Trump's tea 2

VOXWe don’t know quite what he said, since most of the public documents are so heavily redacted they’re almost unreadable. But it sure looks like former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn spilled Trump’s tea for Robert Mueller, since Mueller is recommending no prison time for Flynn

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPJael Strauss, who placed sixth overall on America’s Next Top Model Season 8, passed away from extremely aggressive breast cancer on Tuesday

THE BLEMISHJon Gosselin won custody of his son Collin by default after his ex-wife Kate was a no-show for their December 4th court date

LAINEY GOSSIPHere’s what’s going on in the endless sh!t show that is the British Royal Court and their feelings (dislike? distaste? it’s hard to say) on Dutchess of Sussex Meghan Markle

REALITY TEA“Brittany Cartwright Insists Jax Taylor Has Changed For The Better; They Want To Have Kids Right After They Get Married”

CELEBITCHYEveryone’s favorite Christmas litmus test “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is being banned from radio stations at a pretty steady clip, which has naturally led to a heated debate over whether the song is really as “date-rapey” as it seems

DLISTEDMichael Avenatti is not running for president in 2020

THE BLASTApparently the thing that’s holding up still-fired Megyn Kelly’s official exit from NBC is “specific language which bars her from saying anything at all” once she’s officially exited. In other words, NBC wants Kelly to keep quiet about the sexual harrassment claims against some of its personalities

JEZEBELIn “Yes, this really happened” news, HBO is going to make a movie about the 1983 Christmas season riots that ensued when retailers ran out of Cabbage Patch dolls

LINKS! Kim and Kanye’s wealth, Lisa Vanderpump mystery, American Idol unveiled…

Kim and Kanye 2

CELEBITCHYJust a couple of weeks after hiring a cadre of private firefighters to protect their & their neighbors’ mansions from a wildfire, Kim and Kanye chartered a 660-seat 747 for their party of twelve to travel overseas

JEZEBEL“What is it about Lisa Vanderpump and her SUR staff that is so much more engaging, so much more real than your average reality show?”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“10 Shocking Things We Learned About American Idol From David Archuleta’s Latest Interview”

REALITY TEARHOC star Gina Kirschenheiter has had it with her trolls, and is firing back at will on Instagram. This is like pouring water on a gremlin, so stay tuned

THE BLEMISHAlicia Silverstone’s divorce from Chris Jarecki was just finalized; she’s paying him $12,000 per month in alimony. That’s $144,000 per year to not be married to Alicia Silverstone

THE BLASTDog the Bounty Hunter’s wife Beth Chapman has been “rushed into an emergency surgery” after a mysterious growth developed in her throat and blocked her airway overnight

VOXHere’s a Rorschach test for you: An airline passenger who asked for a glass of water received a cupfull of ice and instructions to wait. Is the passenger or the flight attendant sensible?

LAINEY GOSSIPEverybody seemed to love Netflix’s hit To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before but nobody seems to be excited by the news that Netflix is planning a sequel

DLISTEDNext up for Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop? Plus-sized clothing. Strike what I said before about Gina Kirschenheiter; if there’s one story in this links post that’s bound to end in disaster, it’s this one

LINKS! Manafort triples down, Kim Kardashian on ecstasy, Michael B Jordan glory…

Manafort tripled down 2

VOXPaul Manafort, who earlier this year was convicted on federal charges that included lying about his lobbying for foreign interests, and who accepted a plea deal to avoid a second trial on charges that included more lying about other alleged federal crimes, has now apparently voided that deal after Robert Mueller’s team discovered he’d been lying to them for months

CELEBITCHYIn related bad news for Donald Trump, his administration is also under fire for Sunday’s Border Patrol tear gas attack on the migrant caravan at the San Ysidro Port of Entry

THE BLEMISHKim Kardashian has now admitted to doing ecstasy twice in her life: once before she got married, and the other before she had sex with Ray J on film

LAINEY GOSSIPCreed II just had the biggest opening weekend Thanksgiving box office of all time for a live-action movie. Coupled with his work in Black Panther, which remains the highest grossing movie of 2018 domestically, this means Michael B. Jordan is now a 100% legit movie star — so congrats to him

REALITY TEA“Exclusive Interview: Survivor: David vs. Goliath’s Dan Rengering On Making Survivor History”

DLISTEDRIP to Oprah’s mother Vernita Lee, who passed away at her Milwaukee home on Thanksgiving Day at the age of 83

JEZEBEL“‘You Can’t Have This Conversation Without Having a Conversation About Economics’: A Chat With a Pregnant Sex Worker”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPThe Hills stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary a few days ago, and congratulations to them. But their tabloid-dubbed joint nickname ‘Speidi’ still sounds like a goofy Italian dessert and the tenth anniversary was a golden chance to finally invent and ingest one (they did neither)

THE BLASTIf you’ve got $3 million to spend and would like a giant swimming pool in your gianter living room, Young Thug’s Atlanta mansion is on the market. He’s claiming foundation and mold damage, though, so you might want to get a good home inspector

Macy's Thanksgiving snafu 2

LINKS! Macy’s Thanksgiving snafu, Black Friday zombie apocalypse, Kit Harrington’s mistress…

THE BLASTMacy’s Thanksgiving snafu was synching Rita Ora’s pre-recorded track so poorly during the parade yesterday that people noticed — and got very angry that she wasn’t singing live. I know I’m a pretty gigantic humbug, but I can’t imagine being so in the holiday spirit that you made it to adulthood without realizing that everyone lip synchs at the parade

DLISTEDOn that note, here’s Diana Ross being her amazing self at the parade and shielding her lip synch from the cameras trained on her thanks to the wind blowing her amazing hair into her face for 99% of the song

VOX“This Black Friday, I’ll be thinking about the title story, “Friday Black,” which reimagines Black Friday as a kind of zombie plague, and has forever changed the way I think about the waves of shoppers who spend the day after Thanksgiving descending on stores across the country.”

CELEBITCHYAn alleged Russian model named Olya Sergeevna is claiming she was Kit Harrington’s mistress *and* that Harrington is allegedly a drunk and a cokehead. She backed up her claims with some blurry-ish cell phone shots of a person who looks like Harrington passed out / asleep. This whole thing is so shady that I’m just going to drop one more “allegedly” in here for good measure

JEZEBELSince the National Dog Show is now held on Thanksgiving Day, we can report that a Whippet from Sugar Valley GA named Whiskey is officially the National Dog of the Year. And he looks like a very good boy indee

REALITY TEA“Happy Thanksgiving. I’m grateful I don’t have to interact with Real Housewives Of Dallas in the wild. LeeAnne Locken may cut my legs at the ankles to watch me crawl away and bleed to death. She’s just upset, you guys. If you upset her, it’s your fault. And then after all that you still might end up on ‘friendship probation’!”

THE BLEMISHChrissy Teigen thinks her feet are hideously ugly, refers to them as her “Asian jungle feet,” and had it in her contract that her feet would not appear in any photos when she was modeling for Sports Illustrated

LAINEY GOSSIPViggo Mortensen apparently torpedoed whatever chance at Oscar glory he might have had by dropping an n-bomb while discussing his new movie Green Book during a Q&A last week

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPNFL star Aaron Rodgers and his reality TV-adjacent star Jordan celebrated Thanksgiving by deepening their blood feud

LINKS! Turkey pardoning lies, Poison lettuce, Pusha T brawl…

Turkey pardoning lies 2

JEZEBELIt turns out everything we thought we knew about presidential turkey pardoning was just turkey pardoning lies. Since they’re bred to get huge quick, factory-farmed turkeys grow faster than their bodies can handle and invariably die after a few months of the constant hunger they call life

VOXIn Thanksgiving-adjacent food news, here’s the deal with romaine lettuce, which has always been worth skipping over but is now apparently riddled with E. coli and should be thrown out immediately

THE BLASTLast night Pusha T did a gig in Toronto for the first time since his beef with Drake blew up. It didn’t go especially well

REALITY TEALest you thought she wasn’t for real Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder says she knows her fiancé Beau Clark is the one because she would “absolutely snort [his] ashes if he died”

CELEBITCHYSarah Michelle Gellar shared a photo of herself in lingerie on Instagram and said she was going to pin similar shots all over her house “as a reminder not to overeat on Thursday”; somewhat predictably, she’s now being acused of fat shaming for the post

THE BLEMISHAlso somewhat predictably, Mommy Blogger Katie Bower is being taken to task for lamenting that her six-year-old son is the least-liked of her five children on social media & that this will cause him to grow up with self-esteem issues. But when you turn your kids into products, can you really be surprised that one of them is the least-popular?

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPA bunch of The Challenge‘s cast members didn’t come to CT Tamburello’s wedding after MTV told them they wouldn’t be paid to appear. At least now CT knows who his real friends are

DLISTEDApparently Brad Pitt would very much like to avoid a trial in his endless custody dispute with Angelina Jolie

LAINEY GOSSIPThe video for Gwen Stefani’s song “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” is now out, a year after she released the song as a single; it’s both pretty feel-good and schmaltzy as hell, much like Gwen and Blake themselves

LINKS! Lisa Vanderpump off RHOBH, Britney Spears evacuates, Jill Scott goes viral…

Lisa Vanderpump off RHOBH 2

DLISTEDSeveral sources close to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ production are claiming that Lisa Vanderpump is off RHOBH — apparently she’s hardly filmed for the new season, is refusing to show up, and is tired of being a punching bag for the other cast members

REALITY TEAIn Vanderpump-adjacent news, Pump Rules cast members Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright say between them they’ve lost 55 pounds in preparation for their upcoming wedding

THE BLASTThough Britney Spears’ mansion in Thousand Oaks CA is not in the mandatory evacuation zone, “she chose to play it safe” and has evacuated the area until the Woolsey fire can be brought under control

LAINEY GOSSIPIf you’ve seen Jill Scott’s name trending over the past couple of days but haven’t yet checked out why, this video will make it clear. (If you’re reading this at work, you probably want to make sure your office is clear first)

VOXIn a new interview, Donald Trump claimed that who isn’t a Republican votes by first voting, then going home to change clothes and coming back to their polling place to vote again. This is a good technique that works well only if you replace “voting” with “trick or treating”

JEZEBELSpeaking of the president, acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker was once the legal counselor for a company that patented a toilet with a “specially designed bowl to help well-endowed men avoid unwanted contact with porcelain or water.” So, yeah, a big dick toilet

CELEBITCHYEvidently celebrities are having a lot of sex in their showers, possibly because celebrity showers are much bigger and come with more seats and ledges than the showers of normal folk

THE BLEMISHMy favorite line in this article about Ashley Graham wearing a bra made of duct tape is also the helpful takeaway from this article: “Generally speaking, I would think that something that’s used for home repair shouldn’t be attached to your skin.”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPArie Luyendyk Jr. and his fiancée Lauren Burnham are expecting their first child together, congrats! The baby is due in June and Lauren is already showing, so she’s had to have her dress altered ahead of her and Arie’s wedding this January