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Which Reality TV stars were exposed in the Ashley Madison cheating scandal leak?

A Real Housewives‘ husband, a Duggar, and a resident of the Jersey Shore make three Reality TV stars exposed in the Ashley Madison data breach leak. The drama is currently being rehashed on the Netflix docu-series Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal.

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THE PLAYBOY MURDERS Jasmine Fiore was murdered by new husband who was on two reality competition shows at the same time

In August 2009 the worlds of reality television and the Playboy universe were shaken by the brutal murder of Jasmine Fiore. Her new husband Ryan Jenkins had just filmed Megan Wants a Millionaire, a dating show that was airing at the time, and recently wrapped I Love Money 3, where contestants competed for a $250,000 cash prize.

Why fish are getting addicted to meth

There have long been concerns that prescription drugs, everything from Prozac to antibiotics are making their ways into waterways where they can be absorbed by fish, and of course illegal drugs are also a part of the chemical cocktail fish encounter in their environment. Not only the fish exposed to these drugs, but they seem to become addicted to them. A new controlled study of 120 juvenile brown trout in the Czech Republic found that fish exhibited addictive behavior towards the drug methamphetamine.

Canadian surrogate fights for custody of the baby after affair with the baby’s father

British Columbian courts are currently weighing on a complicated surrogate situation, according to The Daily Beast. According to court documents and woman, who goes by her initials, K.B. offered to be a surrogate for a couple “to support their marriage.” When artificial insemination failed, however, K.B. says the husband offered to try to conceive with her naturally. She says that he told her that if she did get pregnant, he would leave his wife and raise the baby with her. The father, known as M.S.B., says he never made that offer to her, and is currently raising the child with his wife.