A review of ’16’ by Robbie Fulks

I recently found out that Robbie Fulks, the guy who blew out my brains twenty-plus years ago when I caught him on Austin City Limits, was releasing a passion-project, full-cover, vinyl-only release entitled 16 featuring his take on all the songs from my all-time favorite album, Bob Dylan’s Street Legal. I couldn’t believe it. Now that I’ve had the opportunity to lean into it, I still can’t.

Joe Wexler now: Ex-wife Sarah addresses rumors, offers new update since split from My 600 Lb Life star

How is My 600 Lb Life star Joe Wexler now, in the wake of his divorce from Sarah? The former couple’s split became public thanks in part to our exclusive coverage over the last few weeks, but it seems Sarah still has more to say. She recently addressed one of the longest-standing rumors about Joe in an exchange with fans just learning about the divorce. And Sarah continues to present her side of the split; read on for the latest…

Kylie Jenner and Drake might not be dating yet, but give it time

Kylie Jenner and Drake are back in headlines after allegedly maybe getting together on the DL. Since the story broke, PR people for both sides have caught up with the story and for the most part tamped it down with well-placed quotes involving the words “just friends.” But it might be worth wondering if there was maybe more to the original gossip, since this isn’t the first time talk of Kylie and Drake dating has gotten out.

LINKS PumpRules Season 8 trailer, Teresa Giudice gossip, Trump Jr. off The View…

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPThe PumpRules Season 8 trailer is here — and it looks like the new season could be the show’s most dramatic to date. Brittany and Jax are getting married; Stassi and Katie are feuding with Kristen; Lala is trying to stay sober and engaged to Randall; James depends on Lala “for help in getting his own demons under control”; and Scheana has to train the huge crop of newbies

REALITY TEARHONJ star Margaret Josephs lowkey endorsed the rumors that Teresa Giudice cheated on Joe while he was in prison: “I wouldn’t blame her. I mean, everything’s circumstantial. I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, and I am the last person to judge anybody cheating, considering the way I met my husband.”

JEZEBELDonald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle got kicked off of The View, a show that increasingly has more in common with The Jerry Springer Show‘s heyday than anything else

VOXBill Gates is afraid of Elizabeth Warren’s proposed tax on super billionaires, which is cute. If you had his fortune and paid all your current taxes plus Warren’s, you’d still have enough money left over to start your very own blog, hire the entire former Deadspin staff, and have pizza parties every day until the Sun swallows the Earth

GO FUG YOURSELFKatie Holmes’ Elle UK cover story is a great big question mark and this article is a master class on how to unpack it

DLISTEDIt seems Jeff Goldblum’s name may be trending later today, in conjunction with the word “canceled.” When given the chance, Jeff didn’t condemn Woody Allen in the strongest terms possible; instead he told an interviewer that he had a good time filming Annie Hall and has likewise enjoyed sitting in with Allen’s jazz band from time to time

CELEBITCHYI must admit that Kim Kardashian’s take on the always dicey Canadian tuxedo looks pretty great here; maybe she’s reconsidered her position on moving to Wyoming

THE BLEMISHIn other Wyoming-adjacent news, Kanye West is apparently getting pretty steamed that nobody really thinks he’s really going to really run for president in 2024 (and we’ll remind you that Kanye originally said he was going to run in 2020, before deciding that he’s cool with the current officeholder)

LAINEY GOSSIP“For all the things she has going on, how did Oprah end up interviewing Gaga for a magazine? When she has her own magazine. Like, yes, this job is Oprah, and she’s been doing it for 30 years – but why this one in particular? I’m not criticising, I’m curious. I’m curious about how Oprah spends her time and how she chooses to spend her time. ”

THE BLASTRIP, but also headline of the day: “This Golden Girls Star Was Found Dead Partially Eaten By Turkey Vultures”

LINKS TI’s hymen interview, Prince Andrew in deeper, Southern Charm custody fight…

JEZEBELThe most surprising thing about TI’s hymen interview — you know, the one where he’s super proud of how he goes to the gynecologist with his teenage daughter and makes the doctor give him, TI, a full report on whether his teenage daughter’s hymen is “broken” — is how unsurprising it seems. Not that it’s cool for TI to do this (it isn’t!), but it’s still weirdly common for a father to be this weirdly, unnecessarily controlling where his daughter’s body is concerned. And on that note: Common, if you ever have a daughter, do her a favor and avoid TI’s example here

CELEBITCHYEverything to do with Prince Andrew’s connections to Jeffrey Epstein is gross as hell and the stories about how he’s been dodging questions and attention related to those connections keep getting worse and worse. On that note, finding out that Buckingham Palace forced ABC to back down from a story on Epstein back in 2015 is just…*shudders*

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPKathryn Denis and Thomas Ravenel’s custody agreement includes a provision that their kids aren’t allowed to watch Southern Charm. If either of them were smart they would have both realized months ago that they can never let their kids near anything to do with Southern Charm ever again

REALITY TEACamille Grammer is hinting that she may be open to a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills return, possibly because of all the rumors about Denise Richards’ film commitments leaving her unable to film much. But Denise has said those rumors are overblown, so maybe Camile is just letting her thirst show?

GO FUG YOURSELFI was disappointed to realize that this isn’t a Little Women fashion slideshow, but it does feature Greta Gerwig and Laura Dern, so consider using it to prime yourself for the Little Women looks to come

THE BLEMISHWhy would anyone ever spend $60 million on a nightclub?

LAINEY GOSSIPSpeaking of big money: Mariah Carey is using “All I Want For Christmas Is You” to sell potato chips in the UK. Her face is on the bag as well. As Lainey puts it: “How much do you think this deal is worth? Mimi would never nickel and dime this song. So it would have had to be a HUGE cheque.”

DLISTEDWhitney Houston’s alleged former girlfriend Robyn Crawford is releasing a memoir called A Song For You: My Life With Whitney Houston. In it, she details their early lives together after meeting at summer camp when both were teenagers — oh, and all the sex Robyn says they had for years, up until Whitney got a record deal and had to hide her true feelings

THE BLASTIan Ziering’s wife Erin just filed for divorce and is asking for full custody, spousal support, and presumably veto power over a second season of BH90210 for good measure

VOX“How Light from Light’s team used ’emotional research’ to build an unusual ghost-hunter story: Jim Gaffigan, Marin Ireland, and director Paul Harrill on their hard-to-describe drama”

VH1 just dropped the first trailer for LHHNY Season 10 (and confirmed a lot of good tea)

The day ones are back, and the drama is about to get thick! VH1 has finally given us the return date for LHHNY Season 10 — and released the first teaser trailer for the new episodes. In addition to confirming almost all of our tea on the new cast, the trailer gave us an early glimpse at what to expect when the original cast encounters what the show has become in their absence.