SISTER WIVES Why Christine couldn’t trust Robyn, never wanted to be friends with her

During the last episode of Sister Wives (S18, E5) Robyn cried about always wanting to be friends with Christine. She claims that she was often offering an “olive branch” to her, but Christine doesn’t remember Robyn ever reaching out to her in this way.

Even if she had, Christine would have rejected the friendship because she never trusted Robyn.

LOVE & HIP HOP Tommie Lee’s felony drug charge update EXCLUSIVE

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Atasha Jefferson (aka Tommie Lee) was arrested last month in Miami and charged with felony cocaine possession after an incident at a local club.

Immediately after posting bail, Tommie shared a video from a drug testing facility where she was getting tested to prove that she had no drugs in her system. A Few weeks later, she posted the results.

Keep reading to find out the results of Tommie’s drug test. Plus, get the latest major update on her felony drug charge!

LAST RESORT Kalani can’t forgive Asuelu for cheating on her the whole time

On The Last Resort, Kalani Faagata is so disgusted by her husband Asuelu Pulaa’s cheating that she can’t even fathom being intimate with him anymore. Asuelu wants hope that things can improve, but Kalani’s holding years of resentment that she can’t let go of because Asuelu has been cheating on her the entire time they’ve been together.

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Andy files for divorce from wife Mindy EXCLUSIVE

Love During Lockup and Love After Lockup’s Andy continues to work towards his happily ever after with his felon bae, Brittney.

The 45-year-old former police officer has been doing background checks, chauffeuring future stepdaughters, and buying plenty of rose petals and stuffed animals. However, there is one thing Andy seems to have forgotten to take care of — getting divorced! That all changed earlier this week when he FINALLY filed the paperwork. And no one was more happy (or snarky) than Andy’s wife, Mindy!

SISTER WIVES Why does Kody call Janelle the “Teflon Queen”? John Gotti reference

Sister Wives can be a bit frustrating because the show is so far behind that viewers know a lot more about the lives of the family than they do when we’re watching them. We’ve seen their futures, and their pasts before they have. Since things went off the rails in Season 15, though, once they catch up, it can have disastrous consequences.

A huge reason why Kody and Janelle had that huge fight in Season 18, Episode 3 is because they’ve witnessed themselves saying things about themselves that they don’t like. We can get an idea of what they’ve been able to see by some of the things they reference, like Kody calling Janelle “the Teflon Queen.”

Varya responds to Geoffrey Paschel appeal denial; plus her and Mary’s sentencing letters

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Varya Malina finally breaks her silence after her fiancé Geoffrey Paschel lost his appeal last week, all but guaranteeing he will have to serve out the rest of his 18-year prison sentence with no chance of parole.

Keep reading to reads Varya’s responses, spread out over multiple Instagram posts. Plus, read Varya and Mary Wallace’s letters to the judge prior to Geoffrey’s sentencing asking for leniency.