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A Guide to Moriah Plath’s Tattoos: How many does she have?

Since 21-year-old Moriah Plath was kicked out of her family home when she was still a minor, she’s gotten several tattoos, and plans to get many more. Tonight’s episode of Welcome to Plathville showcases Moriah getting inked with the word “Rebel” on her forearm because she feels like that word defines who she is. She’s since added several more.

Moriah Plath lost her hair as a child, made fun of by siblings and at church

Welcome To Plathville daughter Moriah Plath was a bit of a black sheep in the Plath family. There has always seemed to be a bit of a distance between her and her siblings, and Moriah’s rebellious nature (and clothing choices) only amplified that distance.

In a preview clip for tonight’s episode of Welcome To Plathville, Moriah opens up with her dad, Barry Plath, about where her feelings of alienation originated — which was when she lost all of her hair for a period of years while a child.

PLATHVILLE Moriah says Olivia deleted her music and stole the money she made from it

During Episode 2, Season 5 of Welcome to Plathville Moriah is having lunch with her dad while sitting in a trunk when he brings up the fact that he can’t find her song “Missed Myself” online. That’s when Moriah claimed that her sister-in-law Olivia had uploaded the music on her own account and then deleted it. She also claims that Olivia kept all the proceeds from the song.

PLATHVILLE Are Olivia and Moriah fighting?

Tensions are high between Moriah Plath and her sister-in-law and roommate Olivia Plath over a visit to deceased Plath sibling Joshua’s grave for his birthday. Moriah arranged the family get together to celebrate Joshua’s memory, but the graveside memorial soon turned to drama between Olivia and Moriah when mom Kim Plath decided to come as well.