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DATELINE ‘The Sisterhood’ How did Stacy Feldman die?

On March 1, 2015, Stacy Feldman’s husband found her passed out in the bathtub with the water still running after she didn’t show up to pick their children up from a carnival. Paramedics were called but, unfortunately, failed to revive Stacy.

After Stacy’s funeral, her sister Susan had a lot of unanswered questions as her cause of death was undetermined. What really happened to Stacy?

DATELINE ‘Righteous Obsession’ Who killed Milton H. Sawyer Jr. ?

On August 2, 2018, in Elizabeth City, NC antique shop owner Milton H. Sawyer Jr. was found dead in his bathroom. Milton and his wife Angel ran The Treasure Hunter, which dealt in not only antiques, but gold, coins, and jewelry as well. The morning he was murdered Angel showed up at a neighbor’s house covered in blood. Did she have something to do with his brutal demise?

TRUE CRIME Murder or suicide? Did attorney Susan Winters’s husband poison her?

Some cases never have clear answers, and that’s the situation with the tragic death of Susan Winters. Susan was a Las Vegas, NV attorney who died at age 48 on January 3, 2015. Her husband Gregory “Brent” Dennis, a psychologist, told police she had committed suicide by ingesting opioids and antifreeze. Later, however, her death was ruled a homicide. The couple’s two daughters also believe that their mother died by suicide.

DATELINE Jennifer Dulos still missing – her suspected murderer, husband Fotis Dulos, died by suicide

Jennifer Dulos dropped her five children off at their private school on May 24, 2019, in New Canaan, Connecticut and was never seen again. She was in the middle of a divorce from her husband Fotis Dulos, who detectives believe murdered her in her home. Her body has never been found and Fotis killed himself after being charged with her murder.

DATELINE ‘Shannon’s Story’ Her murderer gave his wife one of her rings

On March 26, 1994, the 19-year-old Emory University student Shannon Melendi went missing. She was last seen a softball game in DeKalb County, GA, where she was scorekeeping. Butch Hinton, the umpire at that game, was convicted of her kidnapping and death a decade later despite the fact that her body was never found. Tonight’s Dateline delves further into the crimes of Butch Hinton.