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LHHH Did Lyrica sleep with Roccstar? Timeline of cheating allegations

Did Lyrica sleep with Roccstar

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Lyrica Anderson has got heads spinning this season with all her alleged affairs. And, though she’s revealed her pregnancy — and dropped the news that A1 is her baby daddy — the show is still trying to push the possibility that she stepped out on A1 while the two were on a break last year. We all know about Safaree…but did Lyrica sleep with Roccstar instead? (Or in addition to Safaree?)

LHHH Did A1 cheat on Lyrica with La’Britney?

Did A1 cheat with La'Britney 1

Lyrica Anderson and A1 may be outwardly happy now that they’ve confirmed Lyrica’s pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean their tough days are over. According to some new tea, A1 may have been stepping out on Lyrica with another Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member La’Britney at the same time Lyrica was allegedly maybe doing the same to A1 with Safaree Samuels.

LHHH PHOTOS Here’s the best evidence yet that Safaree and Lyrica really did smash

Safaree and Lyrica

Lyrica Anderson has already gone public with her pregnancy and announced to everyone who’ll listen that her husband A1 is the baby’s father. But the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star is still dealing with the fallout from her alleged smashing of co-star Safaree Samuels earlier this year when Lyrica and A1 were on a Ross-and-Rachel-style break. And now we’ve got more evidence suggesting that Safaree and Lyrica did indeed hook up…

When is Lyrica Anderson due 2

LHHH Lyrica Anderson confirms pregnancy and reveals her true baby daddy

The rumors are true! Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Lyrica Anderson has *finally* confirmed what we’ve known for weeks: that she is indeed pregnant and expecting her first child. But who is her baby daddy? And when is Lyrica Anderson due? Read on for the latest confirmed info…

Lyrica Anderson says she’s ‘done’ with LHHH, but may have weakened her position

Is Lyrica on LHHH

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s newest baby mama has been openly feuding with the show’s producers for weeks. So is Lyrica on LHHH still, or has she pulled a Masika and managed to quit mid-season? According to Lyrica herself, she’s “done” with the show…but that doesn’t necessarily mean what you might think.

LHHH Who is Lyrica’s baby daddy? Three different co-stars emerge as possibilities

Lyrica's baby daddy 4

Yesterday, we were able to more or less confirm that Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Lyrica Anderson is in fact pregnant. But who is Lyrica’s baby daddy? The show is ratcheting up the tension, pushing Safaree and Roccstar as possibilities and implying that Lyrica and A1 are finished. It’s reality TV, though, so nothing is really what it seems…

VIDEO Lyrica Anderson sure looked pregnant at her gender reveal party

Lyrica pregnant

The debate appears to be over! After weeks of gossip about Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Lyrica pregnant, we’ve got video of Lyrica rubbing what sure looks like a baby bump at what’s allegedly her gender reveal party earlier this week. Read on for the full clip, plus pics and other tea!