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Netflix preps Narcos new season by sticking to the brutal truth

Is Narcos a true story? How much of it is real? Questions of the Netflix original series' veracity have intrigued viewers since its debut, thanks in large part to a steady stream of realistic, but fictional portrayals of criminal enterprise. But Narcos, unlike The Wire or Breaking Bad, doesn't just draw inspiration from real-life–it gets almost all of its material from actual events and actual people, and manages to weave its elements together to depict the chaos of Pablo Escobar's reign as leader of the Colombian cocaine trade.

Why isn’t Melissa McCarthy in the Gilmore Girls reboot?

Unfortunately, would-be citizens of Stars Hollow should not expect to see Melissa McCarthy in the Gilmore Girls reboot. McCarthy's presence has always been something of a long shot, since the actress has become arguably the most popular of all the Gilmore Girls players, and churns out comedies at a great rate. Why won't she appear? A sad miscommunication is to blame...