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PHOTO VIDEO Scrapp Deleon reportedly returning for LHHATL Season 8

Imprisoned Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Scrapp Deleon has been the subject of many release rumors over the past couple of years. Now that he’s apparently set to rejoin the cast for the LHHATL new season, is Scrapp Deleon free? The truth is a bit complicated, but it looks like good news for Scrapp, his brother Sas, and possibly even embattled LHHATL star Tommie. Read on for the latest…

Is Scrapp DeLeon still in prison? New mug shot belies alleged early release

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This past weekend, it looked like Scrapp from LHHATL might have gotten out of prison several years early, after Momma Dee shared a pic of she and Scrapp on Instagram. But we checked with the Georgia Department of Corrections, and they tell a very different story. So is Scrapp DeLeon still in prison, or not?

LHHATL Scrapp DeLeon early release possible, but legal hurdles remain

VH1 just released the official synopsis for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s new season — and it contains an intriguing tidbit regarding a Scrapp DeLeon early release. But is Scrapp actually getting out of prison in time for the new episodes? We checked his Georgia Department of Corrections records to be sure…

MUG SHOT Is Scrapp DeLeon out of jail? New info for LHHATL Season 6

One of the biggest multi-season storylines on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is the Season 5 imprisonment of new cast member Scrapp DeLeon. Scrapp was originally sentenced to 20 years behind bars on a drug trafficking charge, and gave himself up to begin his sentence last March. Given the dramatic nature of his on-camera surrender […]

LHHATL Is Scrapp DeLeon getting out of prison early? Season 6, early release rumors coincide

Did Scrapp DeLeon die? On the contrary: according to the most recent spate of rumors surrounding the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, Scrapp’s sentence may be reduced as part of a potential plea deal–meaning it’s possible that he could be freed in time to start shooting scenes for LHHATL Season 6. Read on for the rumors!

LHHATL Tia Becca keeps baby daddy’s identity secret, reveals details of surprise pregnancy

Who is Tia Becca’s baby daddy? That’s the question on the mind of every Love & Hip Hop Atlanta viewer, in light of the Season 5 star’s surprise pregnancy announcement in the finale. While Tia herself is keeping the man’s identity under wraps–for now–she did share a few tidbits about the pregnancy itself, along with her own condition, with VH1. Read on for the latest!