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What did Cardi B’s wedding dress look like? Secret private wedding details

Last October, Offset made a show of proposing to Cardi B onstage at a Philadelphia concert. Cardi jumped up and down and fanned herself, but they both had us all fooled because the couple had already gotten married a month before. Now, Cardi is sharing a bit more of she and Offset’s big day via Instagram. The bride wore white, but her outfit of choice was a bit unconventional.

Offset arrested in Georgia for gun possession by a felon plus 3 additional charges

Offset arrests

Cardi B’s husband Offset was arrested in Clayton County Georgia earlier today after being pulled over by police who later found “at least one weapon” in the vehicle. The weapon(s) resulted in two felony charges for the rapper — which is especially bad news given that he was already a convicted felon. Keep reading for all the latest on his arrest, as well as a collection of Offset’s mug shot photos over the last eight years.

Why did Cardi B name her baby Kulture 2

Why did Cardi B name her baby Kulture? The unique choice, explained

The seemingly endless wait for Cardi B to have her baby is now over. Cardi gave birth to her first child (and husband Offset’s fourth) on Tuesday; both parents announced their daughter’s birth yesterday on social media. Of even greater interest, though, has been Cardi and Offset’s choice of a name for their baby girl: Kulture Kiari Cephus.