Okay, but *who* is Peter Gunz’s girlfriend? And is he really rejoining the LHHNY cast after getting her pregnant?

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There’s plenty of gossip right now about the new Peter Gunz girlfriend, an alleged nineteen-year-old who’s allegedly pregnant with his eleventh child. But lost in all the rumors and excitement is one simple little oversight: precisely zero of the stories claiming that Gunz’s eleventh baby is on the way have identified his supposed baby mama. So just who is the current Peter Gunz girlfriend? And is she really pregnant with his child?

We should point out right up front that the 50-year-old former Love & Hip Hop New York star denied the rumors almost as soon as they broke. Peter, who’s pretty much always on the rocks with Amina Buddafly and who according to the rumor mill has gotten Tara Wallace pregnant more times than he has actual children, scoffed at the talk on Twitter:

We should *also* point out that the talk got started with an MTO article, so take that for whatever you think it’s worth. According to their take, news of Peter’s teenage girlfriend’s pregnancy first broke on social media — and a producer for Love & Hip Hop New York is potentially trying to get Peter back on the show thanks to the drama.

Since then, a few other sites have picked up the story and augmented it somewhat, with a few even suggesting that the supposed bae broke the news herself. But so far we’ve not found one site who’s published the woman’s name or her social media accounts, despite the news (presumably) being public. Nor have any of the most reputable Love & Hip Hop tea spilling social media accounts published anything about this story.

And for those of you wondering: Yes, Peter did have a vasectomy — but those are famously not foolproof, as Dr. Cox himself once found out.

Anyway, in case it wasn’t clear, we’re advising that everyone take a long deep breath before drinking down this particular glass of tea. Yes, Peter Gunz already has five different baby mamas; yes, he also has ten different children; it’s therefore easy to assume that maybe he just got extra happy at the sight of a nineteen-year old and decided to pop off an eleventh. But this isn’t like Joe Budden getting accidentally caught walking arm-in-arm with his reported sidepiece. Until there’s more evidence — or even better gossip! — it’s best to stay skeptical.

(Photo credits: Peter Gunz girlfriend via SplashNews.com)

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