Summer Bunni, Offset’s alleged mistress, reportedly joining Love & Hip Hop Hollywood for Season 6

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The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 6 cast may have just gotten an especially juicy new addition. Apparently Summer Bunni, the Instagram model who allegedly had a threesome with Offset and helped lead to he and Cardi B’s breakup, has joined the cast — along with her manager, of course.

The tea comes courtesy of noted Love & Hip Hop fan account @VH1iNFO, which has broken a few similar stories before. We haven’t been able to confirm the news yet. But adding Summer to the cast would be a bit of a surprise for the show, since LHHH’s new production company apparently wants to focus more on relationships and couples who already have kids.

Here’s the gossip:

It’s of course possible that Summer’s storyline would focus on how she’s more than just a homewrecker, she’s got a budding music career and is looking to find the right man, and so on.

We do need to clarify one thing, though — Summer’s original Instagram account has been shut down, so technically she doesn’t have 45,000 followers any more. If you’ve been looking for the Summer Bunni IG page, you’ll find it here, at @summerbunnimusic (see what I mean about a budding music career)? Currently Summer’s at 4,900 followers, but we doubt the number will stay that low for long.

Last December, the 20-year-old Summer found quick infamy after it emerged that she, Offset, and a third woman had maybe had a threesome together while Offset was married to Cardi B but before Cardi gave birth to she and Offset’s baby Kulture. Summer later apologized to Cardi, saying she was “so ashamed,” and that she hadn’t been with Offset since Kulture’s birth.

But Summer later refuted Offset’s denials, telling Hollywood Life the threesome gossip was all “so true” and “nothing to lie about.” And a few weeks later, Summer dropped an anti-Cardi diss track called “Get Money Freestyle,” in which she called Cardi a “sad bitch” (along with a bunch of other things).

Since then, Summer Bunni has released one more track, “Bust Down Bunniana”:

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 6 is filming now. The season premiere is tentatively scheduled to drop in early July.

(Photo credits: Summer Bunni via Instagram)

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