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Alexis Skyy

Alexis Skyy reportedly wants Rob Kardashian’s sock fortune seed (and Blac Chyna’s career moves)

It’s been a busy week for Alexis Skyy. She brawled in the club with Blac Chyna, got in a knife fight with one of baby daddy Fetty Wap’s other baby mamas, then trolled Blac by starting what looked like a fake fling with her baby daddy Rob Kardashian. But now the gossip game has leveled up: it appears that Alexis Skyy is mad to have Rob’s baby, and would do “anything” to make that happen. It seems Alexis has been studying the Blac Chyna career playbook…

Alexis Skyy and Rob Kardashian allegedly together: grand reality comeback in the works?

Alexis Skyy and Rob Kardashian 2

Word on the street is that they’re prepping some sort of reality TV crossover — but are Alexis Skyy and Rob Kardashian really together? Or is their whole (still alleged) relationship just a PR stunt? Rob’s been out of the reality game for awhile, but Blac Chyna’s drained his finances. And Alexis might be out for revenge after she and Blac’s nasty nightclub spat last week. Read on for the tea…

VIDEO Alexis Skyy and Blac Chyna brawled at the club (& then Rob Kardashian got involved)

Alexis Skyy and Blac Chyna 1

Love & Hip Hop New York star Alexis Skyy and former reality TV star Blac Chyna got into it at a nightclub — and of course there’s video. The two brawled in full view of other patrons and their cameras before taking the fight to social media, which is where Blac’s ex Rob Kardashian got involved. Rob’s low-key trolling involves everyone believing that he and Alexis may be hooking up, so read on to see whether you buy what he’s selling — and to check out footage of the fight that set everything off.

Rob Kardashian teases a drastic weight loss update, throws shade at Kanye’s lipo

Over the past few years Rob Kardashian has gone through a pretty public struggle with his weight. The pressure to be thin is only compounded by his five female siblings, who always seem to be Instagram ready in their bikinis. His weight and mental health has been the subject of discussion on his family’s reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Even his brother-in-law Kanye West recently told TMZ that he had liposuction because he didn’t want the media outlets like TMZ to call him like they called Rob “fat.” Now Robhints on Instagram that he lost a lot of weight through hard work alone.

How many grandchildren does Kris Jenner have? Full timeline of Kardashian Jenner grandkids

The Kardashian/Jenner dynasty is growing (almost) as quickly as The Duggars. With the births of Chicago, True, and Stormi this year, 62-year-old matriarch Kris Jenner’s grandbaby count is almost into the double digits. Below is a breakdown of all of Kris Jenner’s nine grandchildren as of May 2018.