Yandy and Infinity

VIDEO LHHNY Infiniti gives candid update on her biological mother and being part of the ‘happy’ Smith-Harris family

Now that LHHNY Season 9 has finished filming, how are Yandy and Infinity doing? We’ve got the latest on the show’s newest mother-daughter pairing, including an adoption status update. Plus, find out Infinity’s thoughts on her first reality TV appearance — straight from the young woman herself!

Gwen Stefani said to be considering ‘surrogacy or adoption’ with Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani using a surrogate 1

Gwen Stefani pregnancy rumors are nothing new, but the latest gossip suggests what may be an interesting twist to her relationship with Blake Shelton. Gwen and Blake are said to be having serious talks about using a surrogate to have a child together — either that or going down the adoption road.