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Update! Did someone try to murder Corey Feldman with a poisoned syringe? ?

The drama of Corey Feldman's life continues to get ratcheted up. In the latest segment, Corey tweet a scary story about being stabbed by a syringe when he was in his car. The assailant reportedly opened his door and tried to inject him with something. He said LAPD were on the case of an attempted murder investigation -- but police have a far different version of events.

Corey Feldman petrified by Today show performance backlash

'80s teen heartthrob Corey Feldman was left bedridden and in tears after his performance of his song "Go 4 It" was panned on social media.  Feldman emerged on stage for his Today show appearance dancing strangely while donning an all black hoodie outfit with "Corey's Angels" as his backing band. The backlash left the 45-year-old devastated as he revealed in a since-deleted Facebook live video post.