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LINKS Gigi Hadid pregnant, Beardless Joe Manganiello, Summer and coronavirus…

CELEBITCHYThough it has yet to be confirmed by the supermodel herself, news of Gigi Hadid pregnant has spread across the tabloids like the gossip wildfire it is. “Family sources” have shared that Gigi is apparently around 20 weeks along, so it looks like she got pregnant almost immediately after getting back with baby daddy Zayn Malik late last year

DLISTEDSofia Vergara’s husband Joe Manganiello has shaved his omnipresent beard and does indeed look like a different person — but does this disprove the long-held fact that a man looks better with a beard than without?

VOXThere’s a whole bunch of misinformation out there about how hot weather will make everything better pandemic-wise. According to scientists and other people who know more than the hive mind, “summer weather may make the outdoors a little safer, but it won’t be enough to quash coronavirus on its own”

REALITY TEA“Brittany Cartwright & Jax Taylor Want To Make A Baby During Coronavirus Quarantine” (and who knows, maybe they already have!)

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPIn further Pump Rules news, Kristen Doute thinks that tabloids “are what is wrong with women’s body images,” and is calling them out for reporting that she might be pregnant

JEZEBELYet another unexpected highlight of everyone being trapped at home during the still-expanding coronavirus pandemic: “Watching top woman athletes get wasted and talk shit on Instagram”

THE BLEMISHKylie Jenner was not ready for Megan Thee Stallion’s savage challenge

LAINEY GOSSIPI’m not in love with this story about how petty Tom Cruise was about having to share a hotel room with Rob Lowe after the two of them were cast in The Outsiders, but I definitely have a crush on it

THE BLASTLarsa Pippen’s thirst trap game is getting a good, solid workout these days

GO FUG YOURSELF“Fug Nation Loves Cute Little Spring Dresses: Dress for the ability to leave the house that you want to see in the world”

MY 600 LB LIFE Destinee Lashaee update: New lawsuit claims filming ‘so painful’ she considered suicide

The latest Destinee Lashaee update doubles as the ninth lawsuit filed against My 600 Lb Life production company Megalomedia — and it contains some of the most disturbing allegations yet made about the producers. According to Destinee’s lawsuit (also filed under her given name, Matthew Ventress), filming for her episode was so stressful due to the producers’ demands that at one point Destinee threatened suicide.

LINKS Ashley Ross dead, Jeff Goldblum dragged, Sussex tell-all…

THE BLASTRIP to Little Women: Atlanta star Ms. Minnie — real name Ashley Ross — who died early this morning from injuries she suffered in a hit-and-run. The Ashley Ross dead news was confirmed by the reality star’s Instagram account; so far, it looks like neither Lifetime nor the rest of Little Women: Atlanta‘s cast have yet responded publicly to the shocking news

DLISTEDJeff Goldblum is getting dragged for asking Muslim RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Jackie Cox whether Islam is “anti-homosexuality and anti-woman” during his appearance as a guest judge on the show

CELEBITCHYIt seems the former Duke and Dutchess of Sussex, now unbound by royal constraints and traditions and with rather a large grudge against Buckingham Palace in general, has agreed to be interviewed for and otherwise participate in an officially sanctioned biography

REALITY TEA“Lisa Vanderpump Says Scheana Marie Is Desperate For Love; Jax Taylor Shades Her For Dating Guys From The Bachelor”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPFormer Duck Dynasty personality Willie Robertson had his home shot up in a drive-by this weekend. No one was injured and police have already identified and captured the man responsible, though his motive remains unknown. So, expect more about this to come out of Louisiana over the next few days

JEZEBELQuarantine is starting to play hell with celebrity appearance: “Because botox requires upkeep every three to four months, it’s possible that some celebrities will emerge with looser faces than previously seen…Jezebel spoke with four surgeons, most of whom agreed that in lieu of injectables, at-home skincare is becoming the new focus of face maintenance”

THE BLEMISHKristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are getting divorced because Kristin says Jay is “guilty of such inappropriate marital conduct as renders further cohabitation unsafe and improper.” That could mean any number of things, but I’m putting my money on “Jay cheated during their monthlong beach vacation and potentially exposed his family to coronavirus as a result”

GO FUG YOURSELFHere’s a fun throwback gallery: Enjoy “(Almost) All of the May Vogues From 1940-1980″

LAINEY GOSSIPThere’s a major Whitney Houston biopic in the works, and among the producers are several partners in Whitney’s estate, plus her sister-in-law Pat. Unsolicited Leeola Brown opinions incoming

VOXHere’s the deal with the sunburst mirror, that omnipresent bit of wall fashion that is to interior decorating what the fiddle leaf fig tree is to houseplants

LINKS Maya Hawke’s Nylon cover, Kelly Dodd apologizes, Coronavirus misconceptions…

CELEBITCHYMaya Hawke’s Nylon cover story features the 21-year-old daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke “mourning for her life” and feeling like her parents’ generation “really f*cked us” by having everything “so easy” and ruining the planet as a result. Other than baby boomers needing an ample share of the blame, show me the lie

REALITY TEARHOC star Kelly Dodd backtracked pretty hard with her apology for saying the coronavirus (and swine flu and other pandemics) are just “God’s way of thinning the herd”

VOXOn that note, here’s a helpful reminder, in case you, like certain state governors, forgot this important coronavirus-related detail: People can be asymptomatic and still carry (and spread!) coronavirus around like a tick in an unchecked skin fold

JEZEBELThese are my favorite shots of Kylie Jenner in some years, not least of all because they look just as close to the “real,” unmade-up Kylie Jenner as Kylie’s made-up social media pics (if on the other end of the glamour spectrum)

LAINEY GOSSIPLady Gaga has pushed back the release of her new album indefinitely in order to focus her efforts on raising money for coronavirus relief, and good on her for that. But the delay has resulted in several leaks, including the tracklist, collaborators, and some alleged (and now-failed) promotional attempts

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPFlipping Out Star Jeff Lewis Responds to Ex Gage Edward’s Instagram Live Comments: Says Gage Seemed Sad, Lonely & Lost”

GO FUG YOURSELF“Reese, first, thank you for wearing the hell out of your mask, being the change we wish to see, etc. You get it. But I need to know something: How are you wearing that with sunglasses? One wan exhale from me, and mine fogs up like I’m in a sauna”

DLISTEDJameela Jamil would like to apologize for being a lot, and also to assure her fans, haters, and other followers that yes, she knows she “looks like the enemy” but that she’s still trying to fight for goodness in the world

THE BLEMISHThe man who wrote Back to the Future has an explanation for the part of the movie everyone thinks is a plot hole, and while it isn’t as satisfying as a clever zinger that shuts down all conversation, it does make a certain amount of sense

THE BLASTCoronavirus is making Lisa Marie Presley, just like everyone else, wait for something she really really wants to happen. In Lisa’s case, it’s her ongoing legal battle over Elvis’ $100 million fortune — and honestly, that figure seems low given that we’re talking about Elvis?

PHOTOS My 600 Lb Life’s David Bolton reveals surprise engagement to longtime girlfriend

We’ve got an unexpected and delightful update on My 600 Lb Life‘s David Bolton now: the Season 6 star just revealed his engagement to his longtime girlfriend! David, whose weight loss is one of the ten biggest ever shown on My 600 Lb Life, shared the good news exactly one month after his fiancée said yes; keep reading for the full story, plus photos of the happy couple and the happy engagement ring!

LINKS Chelsea Handler’s bathtub surprise, One Direction reunion?, SNL At Home…

THE BLASTIt’s no new thing to see Chelsea Handler naked (or at least topless), so Chelsea Handler’s bathtub surprise is less the fact that she’s sharing photos and video of herself lounging in her tub completely in the buff and more that Chelsea is using her nudity to promote a few quarantine book reviews. Also, the tub is empty, which combined with the photographer just seems like a recipe for double discomfort?

LAINEY GOSSIPApparently One Direction is maybe going to reunite at some point this year. 4/5 of the group looked to have been on board, with Zayn Malik the only holdout, but now it looks like Zayn might be on board? Plus, all the old One Direction social media accounts and web sites are mysteriously active once more

CELEBITCHYThis is the only positive review of SNL At Home that I’ve seen. Every other site seemed to think it landed somewhere on a spectrum that began with “Awkward as Hell” and ended with “Hot Garbage Unfit for Lorne Michaels’ Graveside Compost Pile”

VOXEvidently if we want America to “reopen” we’re going to need to conduct Covid-19 tests on a massive scale in order to make sure that healthy people are still healthy and find out when sick people got sick. “Massive” in this context means possibly as many as 35 million tests per day. As of yesterday, the US had conducted just shy of three million tests total

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPJersey Shore Stars Snooki, Jwoww & Deena Cortese Say They’re Not Close to Sammi Giancola & Probably Won’t Be Invited to Her Upcoming Wedding”

JEZEBELRHONY fans, here’s a new opportunity for you to get salty while you try, desperately, to run out the self-isolation clock: “Tramp Stamps, Bucket Hats, and Frosé: A Real Housewives of New York Power Ranking”

REALITY TEAJenna MacGilllivray from Below Deck Sailing Yacht has no problem staying professional while also flirting heavily / making out in the walk-in ith Adam Glick, according to Jenna MacGillivray. I really don’t understand how *everyone* on the Below Deck shows isn’t shacked up with a co-worker. It’s tight quarters; you’re confined to the ship; the cameras are begging for #content — what’s there to lose?

GO FUG YOURSELF“Proving it is possible to find good news amid the wreckage of our feelings, beloved author Beverly Cleary turned 104, and with any luck spent the day being reminded just how formative she was to multiple generations of children who are now having children of their own — some of whom may even have their own children by now”

DLISTEDBen Affleck and Ana de Armas did not take an Easter break from their usual pap stroll; a couple of days after they both wore face masks (once), Ana put on what’s being called a “Gucci hazmat suit” and what I think looks like a designer Ghostbusters outfit. The red stripe on the breast pocket is a wonderful touch, even if it does clash with their purple dog leash

THE BLEMISHFinally, it seems convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein wasn’t terrible to women exclusively during his time as one of the most powerful executives in Hollywood. Kevin Smith just revealed that Weinstein kept Clerks royalties from him for upwards of seven years, and that Smith had to have Weinstein’s books audited before getting any cash. This is not to say that being a huge dick about money is as bad as committing rape — it is very much not! — but rather to point out that we’ll likely be hearing about what a huge dick Harvey Weinstein was to people for a long, long time

Tory Lanez drops new album ‘The New Toronto 3’ ahead of Quarantine Radio comeback

The head of Instagram has already acknowledged that IG banned Tory Lanez for a non-existent rules violation. So when is Quarantine Radio back? And what will Tory do now that he (maybe) can’t feature twerking any more? The 27-year-old pandemic phenom isn’t sweating it — he just dropped his latest mixtape while building up anticipation for his IG Live return!

My 600 Lb Life lawsuit update: Megalomedia files to dismiss three of eight current legal challenges

After several weeks of seeing new legal challenges from former My 600 Lb Life cast members, production company Megalomedia has requested a dismissal of three of those cases. In the latest My 600 Lb Life lawsuit update, Megalomedia argues that every cast member to appear on the show has already waived its right to sue by signing the infamous talent agreement — details from which are now public for the first time.