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LINKS Matt Gaetz allegations, Satan Sneaker drama, Travis and Kourtney…

CELEBITCHYIt seems there are new Matt Gaetz allegations, because one count each of sex trafficking and having sex with a minor weren’t enough. The Florida Republican congressman is apparently under investigation for *multiple* counts of each, and somehow his father got involved in a separate but potentially related bribery scheme? To quote Kaiser: “Florida politics, man”

THE BLASTIf you’re one of the lucky 666 customers to have purchased a pair of Lil Nas X’s satan sneakers — the ones with human blood in them! — you’ll have to wait awhile before your order gets fulfilled. A judge has halted shipment of the shoes so Nike’s lawsuit against their (the shoes’) manufacturer can go forward

JEZEBELLet those among us who have not sucked a lover’s finger in public in the era of surreptitious cell phone videos cast the first stone

VOXHere’s how apps and websites and all manner of third parties trick you into giving your information away

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPPatricia Altschul of Southern Charm offered fans an update on the health of her butler, Michael Kelcourse, who suffered a horrible spinal cord stroke earlier this year but is apparently “progressing rapidly” in his recovery

GO FUG YOURSELFAnother day, another stellar GFY throwback photo gallery: “We’ve Got Sheers, Sideboob, a Serious Sleeve, and Strange Slits: It’s More from the SAGs Vault”

LAINEY GOSSIPPretty much every review of Godzilla vs. King Kong that I’ve seen says the movie is delightful trashy escapism, so it’s nice to hear that at least one thing in the world is working correctly

REALITY TEAThe insult parade between RHONJ stars Jennifer Aydin and Margaret Josephs shows no signs of slowing

DLISTEDYoung Joc’s beard looks about as convincing as Carlos Boozer’s Bulls-era hairline

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPTyler Baltierra says his sister Amber is drinking herself to death while isolated from the rest of the family

Almost nothing is known about Malik Bowker, the latest Kendall Jenner stalker

For the third time in five years, a Kendall Jenner stalker has forced the supermodel to get a permanent restraining order and beef up her personal security. Yesterday, a judge granted Kendall’s request and ordered Malik Bowker to stay at least 100 yards away from the 25-year-old fashion and reality TV icon at all times. But why does Bowker say he wants to murder Kendall?


RHOSLC Bummer: The viral audio of an alleged Jen Shah robocall isn’t really her

There’s been juuust a little bit of interest in RHOSLC star Jen Shah’s arrest on federal fraud charges earlier this week. One piece of information that’s gone viral since news of Jen’s alleged misdeeds broke is a potential Jen Shah robocall. Read on for audio of the call in question, plus a breakdown of the charges against Jen and an explanation of what (she says) she does for a living.


LINKS Dorinda Medley returning?, Kim Kardashian naked & unafraid, Child COVID vaccine…

REALITY TEAAll these rumors about Dorinda Medley returning to Real Housewives of New York probably have nothing to do with the fact that her book is coming out soon. (If it’s half as entertaining as Sharon Stone’s, we’re in for a treat!) To be fair to her publisher, Dorinda signed up to write a memoir just before getting fired from the show — so a lot of the rumors are probably Simon & Schuster plants

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPKim Kardashian says one of the best things about her impending divorce from Kanye West is he no longer criticizes her for walking around naked in her living room. If we knew Kim took a page from the Alanis Morissette Guide to Life, we’d have predicted their divorce much sooner

VOX“When will teens and kids be able to get the Covid-19 vaccines? It may still be a while. Here’s what parents can do in the meantime while their kids aren’t vaccinated and others are”

CELEBITCHYThis will come as a huge surprise, but after months of scorn and general gaping from a public that seems about half haters and half admirers, Meghan Markle has apparently decided that she’ll be having a home birth when she and Harry welcome their second child this summer

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPSyrus Yarbrough from The Challenge: All Stars says he and two other Real World reality stars pitched a Real World All-Stars-type show to Bravo, because the network pays better than the rest

THE BLASTChet Hanks got slashed

LAINEY GOSSIPIt sounds like Rami Malek maybe overreacted a little bit when Rachel Bilson shared a cute picture of the two of them being dorks together back in high school a million years before they were anything like famous. Hopefully Rachel gets a private and sincere apology instead of any kind of public one

GO FUG YOURSELFI’ve been on a late quarantine Mad Men kick lately, so this article on January Jones’ SAG Awards look back in 2013 hits just right

DLISTEDDid you know there’s a movie coming out based on a bonkers Twitter thread from 2015? It’s called Zola, there’s a trailer, and in case you’re like me and hadn’t ever seen the original thread you need to do yourself a favor and click through to read it

JEZEBELI never would have expected a long and thoughtful essay on cabbage to be such a delightful palette cleanser, but here we are