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LINKS Eva Marcille custody dispute, Mark Hamill v Ivanka Trump, Ukrainian Horror Story…

REALITY TEANews of the Eva Marcille custody dispute couldn’t come at a worse time for the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, who just gave birth to a healthy baby boy last week. Marcille’s estranged husband Kevin McCall is basically trolling her by filing for joint custody of he and Eva’s daughter Marley, since Kevin is *also* facing a year in jail on domestic abuse charges

CELEBITCHYMark Hamill isn’t having any of Ivanka Trump’s Star Wars references (also, who goes with a stormtrooper?)

JEZEBELRemember the story last week about the six-year-old orphan from Ukraine who turned out to actually be a fully-grown adult with homicidal tendencies…and who then went missing? Well, she’s been found — and in the most likely US state of all

THE BLEMISHThe house where Kurt Cobain committed suicide is for sale again. If you’re interested, though, you’ll have to pony up something fierce: the four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 8,212-square foot house is listed at $7.5 million

THE BLASTI thought the problem was that Stacey Dash already had contact with her husband

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“DJ Pauly D & Vinny Guadagnino Filming DJ Pauly D and Vinny’s Vegas Pool Party for MTV; New Show to Include Some of the Double Shot Cast”

VOXA Facebook intern secretly recorded one of Mark Zuckerberg’s infamous company addresses and leaked it to the media. Everything about Zuckerberg’s response indicates, to quote the article, “It’s the leak itself, not the content of the leak, that’s important”

LAINEY GOSSIPPrince Harry and Dutchess Meghan have had it with their treatment by the British press; they’re now suing the Daily Mail for misuse of public information, among other things

GO FUG YOURSELF“On one hand, it’s very on-the-nose that Angelina Jolie showed up to [the Maleficent 2 premiere] looking like a rich villain, and Elle Fanning arrived floating like a woodland nymph. Then again, I would have been astonished if they’d done a role reversal and it was Angelina bedecked in flowers, projecting the image of a sweet naif who’d just had her first roll in the meadow. This is a woman whose brand was once blood, after all. She’s not skipping into this party looking one bonnet shy of the May Queen.”

DLISTEDThe Joker isn’t supposed to be sympathetic?

PHOTOS Danielle Busby bikini pics and plastic surgery gossip go hand in hand: Debunking the fitness rumors about the Outdaughtered star

They’re almost as prevalent as the Busby divorce gossip: every time a new Danielle Busby bikini pic surfaces, the Outdaughtered star is swarmed with questions — well-meaning and not — about her physique and whether or not she’s had plastic surgery. In an attempt at setting the record straight, we’ve gathered every publicly available photo of Danielle in a bikini, along with all of the most prominent gossip about how she does & doesn’t maintain her physique.

LINKS Bieber’s wedding weekend, Trump v Irony, Face tattoo rundown…

LAINEY GOSSIPHailey and Justin Bieber’s wedding weekend was a montage of skin treatments and water sports at a posh South Carolina resort, one that the couple booked for a week before arriving to give the staff enough time to prepare for the deluge of celebrities. And the festivities actually culminated with a Monday wedding, which is somehow becoming the norm among big names?

THE BLASTHere’s a ton more photos of the actual venue for Beiber’s wedding weekend, plus a few of the couple (who, let’s not forget, already got married at New York City Hall a year ago). Evidently the rehearsal dinner required boat valets, and afterward the wedding party watched The Notebook outdoors next to a lake

VOXThis is really rich

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPIn light of Aaron Carter’s brand-new and not-great giant face tattoo of Rihanna, here’s a list of six reality stars with face tattoos, along with why each person got theirs. (Spoiler: Aaron’s is still by far the biggest and most garish of anyone on the list)

GO FUG YOURSELFHelen Mirren is channeling Gwendoline Christie and Storm from X-Men with this floral blizzard dress from L’Oreal at Paris Fashion Week; unsurprisingly, it’s amazing

REALITY TEARHOD star LeeAnne Locken is not having any of D’Andra Simmons’ confessional tea spilling, since evidently D’Andra hasn’t had the real courage to accuse LeeAnne of anything to her face

DLISTEDA bus driver in Washington state has resigned after showing up to work drunk and telling the children on her school bus that her husband is a “son of a gun” and she herself is “totally crazy” — all this while driving the bus so crazily that the kids start to scream

JEZEBEL“The air is crispy. Your haggard toes are ready to return to their foot coffins for the season. Somewhere in the distance, ghosts are gathering their tattered sheets and rattling chains, preparing for another month of scaring children and regular adults shitless. Fall is here — the best season — and it is time to clean.”

THE BLEMISHMcKayla Maroney, who took a break from social media for most of 2019, is now back on social media and talking about her fairly excruciating year

CELEBITCHYI know Ken Jeong used to be a doctor before he somehow became a highly regarded comedic actor but I still feel like taking medical advice from guests on Ellen is maybe not the best course of action when one needs medical advice

Love & Hip Hop Miami Season 3 is filming, but which cast members are coming back?

It was the final show in the franchise to start production on its new season, but we’ve gotten word that Love & Hip Hop Miami Season 3 is finally back and filming new episodes! However, it looks like the show’s main cast may have been extensively reworked, with at least a couple of main cast members potentially fired and the entire supporting cast allegedly up in the air.

Basketball Wives Season 9 renewal: Who will replace Tami Roman and CeCe Gutierrez?

Word on the street is that Basketball Wives Season 9 is a go — but the real question is who will come in to replace retired OG cast member Tami Roman. In fact, though Tami’s is the biggest departing name, there should be room for at least two and possibly three new Basketball Wives cast members — keep reading for the details!

MY 600 LB LIFE How much does Milla Clark weigh now?

Earlier this year, we broke the news that My 600 Lb Life and Where Are They Now? star Milla Clark had become the most successful patient in either show’s history. But how is she doing in light of her accomplishment? And how much does Milla Clark weigh now? Read on for the latest, including new photos of Milla enjoying her new life after moving across the country!