MY 600 LB LIFE How much does Milla Clark weigh now?

How much does Milla Clark weigh September 28

Earlier this year, we broke the news that My 600 Lb Life and Where Are They Now? star Milla Clark had become the most successful patient in either show’s history. But how is she doing in light of her accomplishment? And how much does Milla Clark weigh now?

When she began her weight loss journey back on My 600 Lb Life Season 4, Milla had a peak weight of 751 pounds. She couldn’t walk, and hadn’t been able to travel anywhere by car — except via ambulance — in seven years. Milla managed to click with Dr. Nowzaradan, though, and had lost 274 pounds by the end of her debut episode, taking her down to a far more manageable weight of 477.

Despite the shocking death of her husband, Elroy, during filming for a Where Are They Now? follow-up episode, Milla continued to meet with success on her weight loss journey. When we checked in with her for an early 2019 update, Milla revealed she had lost the weight of “three or four people” dating back to filming for her first episode in 2015. Milla couldn’t say exactly how much weight she’d lost, but the constant smile on her face made it clear that good things were happening.

How much does Milla Clark weigh now?

Following successful skin removal surgery and her continued devotion to diet and exercise, Milla now weighs a remarkable 155 pounds. That’s a total of 596 pounds over just about four full years of filming, and four My 600 Lb Life episodes — and it’s the biggest weight loss in My 600 Lb Life history by both total weight loss and weight loss as a percentage of peak weight. (Click here for a list of the ten My 600 Lb Life cast members who’ve lost the most weight.)

Since the Milla Clark 2019 Where Are They Now? episode aired, Milla has embraced her role as a pseudo-ambassador for weight loss success. Among her more visible (and laudable) accomplishments: sharing exercise updates on the regular, ones that feature the wonderful sight of Milla Clark walking and sharing fitness tips for her thousands of fans and followers.

The photo at the top of the article is actually the most recent full-body shot that Milla has made public; she posted it just two days ago. (She also encouraged supporters to buy the shirt she’s wearing — but forgot to share a link where it’s available! We’ve reached out to Milla and will update this post if we hear back.) A couple of weeks before that, Milla shared this nearly full photo of herself, flipping the color script and changing out her pink T-shirt for a pink phone case instead:

How much does Milla Clark weigh September 8

And here’s another recent pair of Milla Clark before and after pictures, featuring Milla rocking the bathroom selfie to show off her weight loss:

How much does Milla Clark weigh August 25 3

How much does Milla Clark weigh August 25 4

Finally, here’s a photo of Milla standing outside what appear to be her new digs in early August. Given that this summer Milla moved from just outside Nashville all the way to Phoenix, we need to congratulate her on both her weight loss journey *and* her ability to pose for photos while enduring the desert sun’s full blast:

How much does Milla Clark weigh August 13

In addition to those photos, we’ve got Milla’s new social media information to update you with. First of all, Milla has a new official Facebook page for her fans. She’s also new to (and a frequent poster on) Instagram. Milla also does have a Twitter account, though she doesn’t use it as much, and her personal website gives a mistaken handle. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Milla’s Twitter account doesn’t use the @Milla600LbJourney hook; you’ll find her on Twitter at @ClarkMilla.

Speaking of her site: It seems Milla’s attempting a personal brand! You’ll find Milla Clark’s weight loss page at The blog appears to be in the middle of discovering an identity distinct from Milla’s social media pages. But she has shared a few things there that you won’t find on her social media, including a first post in which Milla looks back across her weight loss journey and appreciates just how very, very far she’s come. As the caption for a screengrab from her My 600 Lb Life debut, Milla wrote the following:

How much does Milla Clark weigh 5

This was the beginning of my “600lb weight loss journey.” On this day specifically, Laying there almost 800lbs, there was a tremendous amount of emotions going through my body. I felt excited, because I was tired of being bedridden and I knew I was putting forward initiative to change my life. I felt embarrassed, because my unusual story would air on a national Television show called “My 600lb life.” Knowing people all over the world would be able to see me struggling with pretty much everything and seeing me so big frightened me. I could only imagine the harsh and negative things people would say about me and my family that I had no control over. I also felt scared, because what if I failed at what I felt like was my last chance or something was to happen to me on the operation table during surgery? My biggest fear was to leave all 5 of my children without a mother, but most of all I felt blessed because I was given another chance at life! To be able to be there for my children and do things with them we were never able to do before!They’ve honestly been my biggest motivation. Also the thought came in mind. “Maybe my story could help others all over the world,” at that point something inside of me was eager to see how far I could go on this journey. I didn’t know how it would happen, but I stayed positive through it all even when things were extremely hard. Not knowing that in the future, I would be labeled as “My 600lb life’s” most successful Patient and first person on the show ever to loose 600lbs! How awesome is that?

Milla Clark’s 2019 Where Are They Now? episode, including her 596-pound weight loss reveal, is now available for streaming on the show’s official site.

(Photo credits: How much does Milla Clark weigh via Facebook, Instagram, TLC)

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