Is Miami Tip a midget 2

PHOTOS VIDEO Here’s everything you need to know about stripper-turned-reality TV star Miami Tip

Is Miami Tip a midget? How did she get her nickname? And what’s her ethnicity? We’ve got the answers to all the most frequently asked questions about the legendary stripper and Love & Hip Hop Miami star — including her height. Read on to learn everything you need to know, Miami Tip edition!

Is R. Kelly under investigation? Breaking down ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ and the sexual assault allegations against the singer

Is R. Kelly under investigation 2

For years, rumors and gossip about R. Kelly’s potentially illegal sexual activities have dominated conversation about the singer. Now, thanks to Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly,” that talk is bigger than ever — but is R. Kelly under investigation yet? Several different police forces and district attorneys offices have suggested that they’ve begun or could soon begin looking more closely at the the allegations against R. Kelly — keep reading for a breakdown of the latest.

AUDIO ‘We didn’t look at their ages’: R. Kelly’s former tour manager drops explosive allegations in new interview

R. Kelly 2

The underage sex allegations involving R. Kelly continue to spread, thanks in part to a new interview given by Kelly’s former tour manager. Demetrius Smith, who worked with R. Kelly for a decade, appeared to confirm some of the rumors involving the beleaguered singer, while also adding new claims — including that Kelly once tried to have sex with Smith, as well.

VIDEO AUDIO Who is Maino on Love and Hip Hop?

Maino on Love and Hip Hop 1

Love & Hip Hop New York Season 9 newbie Maino has, without a doubt, one of the most interesting histories of anyone who’s ever appeared on the show. The Brooklyn rapper used to be all about that life, until a 10-year prison sentence turned him on to the power of freestyle rap. Ever since his release, Maino has been all about his own hustle; now, he and his girlfriend (and fellow LHHNY cast mate) Maggie Carrie are ready for the spotlight on their biggest stage yet.

BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Tarik releases Hazel proposal song ‘Far Round The Way Girl’

Before the 90 Days Tarik Myers proposal song for Hazel

Before the 90 Days star Tarik Myers shocked viewers and his Filipino girlfriend Hazel when he presented her with a rap song he wrote and performed especially for her just before he got down on one knee for a beach proposal. Now, after nearly two weeks of teasing, Tarik has made the proposal song available for download!