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PHOTO VIDEOS Busby quints birthday headlines Outdaughtered new season update

It's been an especially big week at the Busby home: just three days after the family celebrated oldest daughter Blayke's birthday, the Busby quints birthday took center stage! The girls are now three years old (if you can believe it!) and got a headline gift sure to keep all five of them -- along with their parents -- very happy...

Outdaughtered Season 4 update from the Busbys: Growing pains make unexpected trouble

The latest Outdaughtered Season 4 update sees the Busby family dealing with some unexpected controversy as filming of new episodes continues. Adam recently came under fire for his decision to allow eldest daughter Blake to wear lipstick to a dance, and he and Danielle find themselves more strapped for time than ever with the opening of their own gym.

TLC Outdaughtered Season 2 update: The Busbys return and the quints are crawling

TLC Outdaughtered Season 2 is here, and the Busbys have returned with more on their plates than ever that the quints are crawling! The new season is full of love, but the challenges of raising six kids, only one of whom can stand on her own, is starting to catch up with Adam and Danielle, who've never felt farther away from their families back in Louisiana. Read on for a look at what to expect from the new episodes, plus a whole bunch of photos showing that the family is up to now!