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LINKS Kelly Dodd wedding, Bill Burr SNL monologue, Kristin Cavallari’s new guy…

REALITY TEACynthia Bailey wasn’t the only Real Housewife to tie the knot this past weekend — there was also the well-timed Kelly Dodd wedding to Rick Leventhal, just days after Kelly ignited a firestorm with her “Drunk Wives Matter” hat. It doesn’t look like the nuptials were filmed for RHOC; it also looks like Kelly made good on her promise to have a small, intimate affair

DLISTEDBill Burr hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time this weekend, and appears to have “divided the internet” with a monologue designed to mock people who then got upset they had been mocked

THE BLASTKristin Cavallari, just a few months after her very public and very messy split with former Chicago Bear Jay Cutler, was spotted in Chicago making out with the Jay Cutler of comedians

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPFlip Or Flop‘s Tarek El Moussa and his fiancé Heather Rae would like you to know that Tarek’s ex-wife is not invited to their destination wedding next summer

CELEBITCHYSpeaking of unsurprising news likely to get petty in a hurry, it’s emerged that Donald Trump wanted to leave Walter Reed in a suit that he would then rip off to reveal a Superman T-shirt. Somehow, Trump’s aides talked him out of it

JEZEBELWhich is a nice segue into this: “My Brief Hero’s Journey Into the ‘Art of Manliness,’ Which Unfortunately Did Not Teach Me to Chop Wood”

VOXAmerica continues to make the exact same mistakes where COVID-19 is concerned, and now that the weather is changing and people are spending more time indoors and businesses and schools are opening back up, cases are back on the rise and hospitalizations and deaths are expected to soon follow

LAINEY GOSSIP“In completely unsurprising news, Pixar’s next film, Soul, will skip theaters and premiere on Disney+. It is shifting back one month from its previously COVID-adjusted release date of November 20 to December 25, when it will be available on the streaming service at no additional cost”

GO FUG YOURSELFBehold, a photo gallery dedicated to the time three years ago that Ruth Wilson wore crisp white underpants for all the world to see beneath a see-through ankle-length skirt with assorted designs stiched on it

Josh Duggar ordered to pay thousands in real estate lawsuit loss

It looks to be fairly low times for Josh Duggar now. The disgraced former reality TV star lost his latest legal battle, a lawsuit over an illegal land claim that’s got Josh allegedly facing thousands of dollars in attorneys fees. The loss comes amid rumors that Josh, Anna, and their children are living in a warehouse at the far reaches of the Duggar compound.

Which two RHOA cast members had sex with the stripper at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party?

Leave it to the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast to come up with some brand-new gossip that blows every current controversy out of the water! Fresh off the latest drama with the departed NeNe Leakes comes news of the RHOA cast stripper sex while cameras were rolling at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party. But which two current cast members allegedly got it on with the male stripper? And how long do we have to wait to find out on Season 13?

LINKS Kelly Dodd controversy, VP debate memes, SNL COVID payoff…

REALITY TEAThe Kelly Dodd controversy over the RHOC star’s “Drunk Wives Matter” hat doesn’t look like it’s going to blow over quickly, thanks in part to the halfhearted apology Kelly shared on Instagram in which she insisted she supports “racial equality”

JEZEBELAccording to early polling, Kamala Harris was the winner of the Vice Presidential debate last night; according to social media, Kamala was the clear winner, largely because every woman watching could identify with the face she pulled every time Mike Pence went way over his allotted time to answer a different question than the one that had been asked

VOXBut the one participant who may have a higher approval rating *and* be more meme-able than Kamala Harris was the real live fly who sat on top of Mike Pence’s hair, in clear view of an audience of tens of millions, for two full minutes

THE BLASTAlso Pence’s left eye was noticeably red and raw-looking during the debate, leading plenty of observers to point out that a reddish or pink eye can be a sign of COVID and so given Pence’s close proximity to the hundred thousand people in the West Wing currently infected with the disease, he may well be next. (Pence’s wife Karen was maskless beside her husband after the debate)

DLISTEDIt turns out Saturday Night Live was able to get around New York state COVID restrictions on audience gatherings for TV shows by paying each of its audience members $150 for attending the season premiere, thus rendering them technically employees

CELEBITCHYPrince Harry apparently got surfing lessons from Meghan Markle for his 36th birthday last month, which sounds somehow both cool and excruciatingly middle-aged

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPFormer Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder pulled back the wool from everyone’s eyes yesterday, revealing that she actually married her fiancé Beau Clark last month on their original wedding day, after first trying to change their plans because of the coronavirus pandemic

GO FUG YOURSELFI once painted a bedroom the same orange sherbet color Ralph & Russo used for way too many outfits in their fashion show and immediately regretted it as the room gave me a headache every time I walked by

LAINEY GOSSIPI’ve been hearing so many good things about Ted Lasso of late that I’m now convinced this show will singlehandedly save Apple TV from the soon-to-be-overflowing dustbin of streaming networks. So far, I’ve only been threatened with the loss of one friendship if I don’t completely and totally fall in love with the show — but I expect that number to grow

MY PREGNANT HUSBAND Myles and Precious still together, celebrating parenthood and fighting for trans rights

It’s been almost a year since the My Pregnant Husband Myles and Precious story wrapped filming, and several months since the Chicago couple unveiled their story for the world. So how is the couple navigating life with a newborn — and how have their lives changed since having their story told?

Is Monique Samuels fired from RHOP? ‘Strategic’ cast plot after barn brawl

Gossip about Monique Samuels fired from the Real Housewives of Potomac cast is just that — for now. But Monique seems to believe that her firing could be just around the corner, and that her fellow castmates are the ones working to push her out. Monique claimed the rest of the cast has a strategy for her removal, and that she hopes the upcoming reunion episodes will potentially offer a fresh start.

Blac Chyna is making $200 million per year on OnlyFans

The coronavirus pandemic has been a terror to the entire world…but it has forced plenty of entertainers to turn to OnlyFans for a new revenue stream. And that revenue has apparently been very, very good for one Blac Chyna. According to new reports, the Blac Chyna net worth has exploded ever since she joined the site back in April. Blac is apparently OnlyFans’ top earner — and the amount she’s making is truly huge.