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Liza Morales Basketball Wives cast update: Lamar Odom’s baby mama prepping piping hot tea spillage

If you’ve been getting frustrated waiting for fresh tea on the new Basketball Wives season, break out a smile! Your wait is officially over — and what’s coming is *piping* hot. The Liza Morales Basketball Wives rumors are true: Lamar Odom’s ex is set to join for Season 9, but that’s not all she’s bringing. Shortly after the news broke, Liza took to Instagram with an eye-opening warning for her baby daddy — read on to see Liza’s threat!

Khloe and Lamar divorce details: Separation official in December; she allegedly contemplates restraining order

The Khloe and Lamar divorce details are in, and, save one disturbing possible rumor, they're surprisingly civil for a couple who've been as on-again and off-again as this particular pair. Though they originally filed for divorce three years ago, Lamar's drug overdose and seizure at Nevada's Bunny Ranch brothel last October left Khloe responsible for all medical decisions related to Lamar and led her to put the filing on hold. Though Lamar's physical recovery continues, his emotional state is reportedly much messier, and has Khloe possibly contemplating whether to take extra steps to separate herself from him. Read on for the latest...

Khloe Kardashian reportedly possibly pregnant with Tristan Thompson’s baby; Lamar Odom allegedly supposedly hurt

It's only been a few days since reports that Tristan Thompson upped his girlfriend's security detail when she comes to Cleveland for Cavs games, and now there might be a second reason why: reports of Khloe Kardashian pregnant with Thompson's baby have spread like wildfire, and marriage gossip is, of course, part of the discussion. Read on for the latest–including what Lamar Odom, Khloe's NBA ex, apparently thinks...

REPORT Lamar Odom ‘spiraling out of control’ as Khloe Kardashian moves on with new NBA boyfriend

Nearly a year after the drug overdose and seizure that nearly killed him, Lamar Odom appears to be getting worse. Those close to Lamar are concerned that he's "spiraling out of control" and his drug use is accelerating, despite recent rumors to the contrary. However, one member of Lamar's family who seems to be done with the whole situation is estranged wife Khloe Kardashian, who's allegedly moved on with a new NBA beau.

Khloe Kardashian’s cancer scare equals less tolerance for Lamar Odom’s hard-partying ways

The latest Lamar Odom health update sees the rift between himself and estranged wife Khloe Kardashian continuing to grow, as rumors about Lamar's alleged drug use have flared up once more. Just weeks after Lamar had allegedly been found dead–and only days after a pointed rebuke from the man himself–it seems a recent health scare on Khloe's part might have hardened her position against Lamar's hard-partying ways.

VIDEO Lamar Odom addresses death rumors in surprise update: ‘F*ck the haters’

Did Lamar Odom have a stroke? Is he dying? Questions about the former NBA and reality TV star have been swirling for weeks, ever since a report alleging that Lamar was close to death surfaced. However, we've since gotten a Lamar Odom health update from none other than the man himself–and it's a relief to say that he looks (and sounds) great! Read on to see what he had to say!

Family, friends address Lamar Odom death rumors as uncertainty continues

Has Lamar Odom died? The shocking rumor that Lamar was near death had fans doing double-takes earlier this week. Unfortunately, it looks like confusion still holds sway, as a spate of counter-rumors has made its way across the internet, in what looks like an attempt at calming fans. Read on to see the latest gossip, and try to parse fact from fiction...

Lamar Odom reportedly dying; Khloe Kardashian said to be preparing for the end

A string of reports and wild rumors about the current status of former NBA All-Star and reality TV personality Lamar Odom have fans wondering if something terrible has happened. While Odom has had a rough year since suffering a drug overdose and seizure at a Nevada brothel late last year, his health was generally believed to be improving, though recent stories about possible drug use were a cause for concern. For now, we're left to question the credulity of a new report that asks the unthinkable: Did Lamar Odom die?

Khloe & Lamar baby rumors persist, but Lamar’s family is terrified by his condition

As is true with all things Kardashian, the number of stories involving Khloe & Lamar baby rumors has spun nearly out of control. In this particular case, the past few days have seen an explosion of gossip, ever since initial word of Khloe's possible pregnancy broke. Threatening to overshadow those rumors, however, are increasingly worrisome reports about the state of Lamar Odom's mental and physical well-being. Sources allegedly close to Lamar's family say the people around him are concerned that the former NBA champion might be nearing the point of no return.