LINKS Ever Given freed, Courtney Stodden vs Chrissy Teigen, RIP Deshayla Harris…

Ever Given freed 1

VOXEver Given, the massive container ship that blocked the Suez Canal for a week and brought worldwide commerce to a halt, has been freed. Keep the ship’s name in mind for Final Jeopardy in a couple more years

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPChrissy Teigen made headlines a-plenty when she quit Twitter last week. But she’s also gotten plenty of criticism from people who called her a bully and weren’t sorry to see her go. One of those people? Courtney Stodden, who says Chrissy has been a bully to her “for years”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPRIP to a beloved member of the Bad Girls Club: Deshayla Harris, better known as “Shay,” was killed after a mass shooting in Virginia Beach that left two dead and eight injured

CELEBITCHYOne detail about Lil Nas X’s latest ventures that I somehow overlooked until now? His tie-in with current most popular song in the world “Montero” is a line of shoes literally called “Satan Shoes.” And the air bubble soles have the man’s blood mixed into them like a Kiss comic book

JEZEBELIt’s a few days old now, but this story about how Prince William is (very, very apparently) the Sexiest Bald Man In The World had the best headline

REALITY TEARHOC star Tamra Judge’s son Ryan Vieth had some thoughts about racism and homophobia, and he sure did share those thoughts in a completely public forum

LAINEY GOSSIPThe second Jesus from The Fosters has been “getting into superhero shape” so he can play a superhero named Atom Smasher in a movie starring The Rock

GO FUG YOURSELFRed carpets are almost all the way back: “The NAACP Awards Drew Heavy Hitters in High Fashion”

THE BLASTA slippery mess seems like a particularly bad way to have a gender reveal. Maybe they got the idea from Miss O’Brien on Downton Abbey

DLISTEDAccording to Sharon Stone’s new memoir, she once went under for breast implant surgery and awoke to find that the surgeon had given her a bigger pair of implants without her consent

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