Did Jill Dillard just kinda-sorta endorse Joe Biden for president?

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If you’d have asked us about Jill Dillard’s politics before today, we’d have guessed they were as far to the right as the rest of her family. But a recent Instagram post has some of Jill’s fans — as well as her haters — scratching their heads. Is it possible? Could it be? Did a Duggar family just endorse…Joe Biden for president?

Before we get to the post in question, let’s preface it with a couple of things. First of all, Jill has definitely been loosening up over the past couple of years. The Jill of 19 Kids and Counting would never have endorsed a sex tips company, or written her own blog on the same topic.

We also know that Jill has broken from the Duggar family in one crucial way. She recently revealed she hired a lawyer to get back pay from Jim Bob Duggar. This came after years of Jill going without compensation for both 19 Kids and Counting On.

(Derick Dillard’s own war with Jim Bob is ongoing. We’ll just point out that Jill’s use of a lawyer represents his first victory.)

With that out of the way, it’s onto the Instagram Stories screengrab. Captured by The Hollywood Gossip, the image below was first shared by Deena Dillard.

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The quote, attributed to “Christ Jesus,” reads as follows:

“Kamala is beloved.
Donald is fearfully and wonderfully made.
Mike is cherished.
Joe is important enough that I died for him.”

Jill appears to have added the arrow pointing to the quote, with a cursive “this!” emblazoned upon it.

Now, this is hardly a full-throated Biden endorsement. The right-wing equivalent of that came earlier this summer, when Jill’s younger brother James Duggar scalped the current president’s name into the front lawn at the Duggar complex.

But it’s also startling, coming from a conservative Christian like Jill. Far-right Christians have been vehemently opposed to any Democratic presidential candidate for years.

Jill passing up on a chance to demonize both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is like America’s current president passing on a chance to criticize the mainstream media. It happens so rarely that you can’t help but be surprised when it does.

And yes, I know that on the surface what Jill is really saying is that she believes Jesus died for all of us because he loved all of us. And that, ideally, we should aspire to treat each other the same way.

But this is 2020. We’re three weeks out from the end of the most contentious election in American history. Jill Dillard deciding to be on the right side of that history would be in line with every other crazy, unthinkable thing that’s happened this year.

(Photo credits: Instagram, h/t The Hollywood Gossip)

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