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RHOSLC Where is Whitney Rose’s dad Steve Lesh now?

Whitney Rose’s storylines on Season Two of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City center around her quest to build a billion dollar beauty line, and her desire to spice things up with her husband Justin Rose. Last season, however, it revolved around her efforts to help her father Steve Lesh with his addiction struggles. At the Season One reunion Whitney revealed that she had not been in contact with Steve since the show wrapped. It’s now been a year, and it seems like things are still in the same place with Whitney and her dad.

RHOSLC Who is Whitney Rose’s husband Justin? Who was she married to before him?

Whitney Rose has already made quite an impression on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City viewers thanks to the shocking story of how she met her man. And we’ve learned quite a bit about Whitney Rose’s husband, Justin, since the RHOSLC premiere. But who was Whitney Rose married to before Justin? And how much older is Justin? We have the answers you seek — read on for all of the above, and more.