LINKS Jen Shah’s tantrum, Madonna’s lingerie counterpunch, Lil Nas X as Satan…

Jen Shah's tantrum 2

REALITY TEAIt’s been almost a full month since leaked audio of Jen Shah’s tantrum kept the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star in headlines despite Season 1 having aired. Now, almost a month after Andy Cohen confirmed that the audio of a woman berating her employees like Gordon Ramsay at a drive-thru is in fact real, Jen is speaking up in her own defense. Except…her defense is that she claims “I don’t abuse my staff”?

DLISTEDSpeaking of eyebrow-raising PR moves, Madonna has responded to the debacle of getting caught photoshopping her head onto a much younger model’s body. Madonna’s counterpunch? Publish a bunch of legit selfies of herself lounging around in underwear she might as well have worn for photo shoots thirty years ago

JEZEBELThe governor of South Dakota tried beefing with Lil Nas X on Twitter because the video for “Montero” features the 21-year-old doing a lap dance for Satan. Predictably, it did not go so well for the politician. Meanwhile, “Montero” is the biggest song in the world right now

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPThe Challenge: War of the Worlds star Ashley Cain revealed the cost of her daughter’s lukemia-related medical care forced her to start a GoFundMe. As of this writing, Ashley has raised 50% more than her goal of one million British pounds — which she says she and partner Safiyya Vorajee will need to live on, as well, since their baby girl Azaylia needs treatment only available in Singapore

CELEBITCHYPrince Charles and William have hired a pair of crisis managers to help them deal with…everything. Except they won’t actually start work until May? Do they not think there’s enough to manage right now?

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPJersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick has a plastic surgery addiction, according to the show’s & Angelina’s many fans and haters. In response, Angelina went the Madonna route, more or less

VOXWondering why Amazon’s official Twitter accounts have been so salty over the past couple of weeks? Turns out it’s because owner Jeff Bezos, the second-wealthiest person in the entire world, is — wait for it — petty as hell

THE BLASTSharon Osbourne is apparently going to sue CBS after the network fired her from The Talk following multiple allegations that Sharon is Piers Morgan with better hair

GO FUG YOURSELFI can’t stop staring at the lead photo of Joan Allen wearing a dramatic-as-hell necklace long enough to be a cruise ship lifeline at the 2001 Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. I think it’s because Joan is actually wearing her dress backwards, to take advantage of its crazy plunge — but the effect is that it looks like her head is actually on backwards instead

LAINEY GOSSIPThere’s a new Suicide Squad movie and it has a trailer and everything, except it’s also basically a reboot of the franchise DC tried to kick start with the first Suicide Squad movie back in 2016. So…anybody up for a do-over, I guess?

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