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AUDIO Tori Spelling 911 call cites ‘female mental illness’

Los Angeles Police were dispatched to the home of Tori Spelling early this morning after a 911 call was made by someone in her home due to Tori reportedly being very aggressive and "going through what one source describes as a nervous breakdown." Keep reading to listen to the 911 audio and watch a video of Tori with The Bachelor's Corinne Olympios posted last night.

PHOTOS Tori Spelling and James Franco in Lifetime’s Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? remake

See the first photos of Tori Spelling in the Lifetime remake of her 1996 cult classic movie Mother May I Sleep With Danger? Also see the first official on set photos of James Franco, who is not only starring alongside Tori, but he also wrote the revamped story line that includes vampires and a lesbian main character!

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