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Nick Offerman narrating the Twain’s Feast audiobook is the Thanksgiving soundtrack we need this year

Twain's Feast audiobook 2

We are unabashed admirers of Nick Offerman, so this will probably come as no surprise, but you need to get your hands on Offerman’s narration of the Twain’s Feast audiobook and use it as the soundtrack to your Thanksgiving cooking this year. For best results, pair with your beer, wine, or scotch of choice.

Erin and Ben are very busy: An HGTV Home Town Season 3 sneak preview

HGTV Home Town Season 3 1

Season 3 of HGTV’s feel-good hit Home Town is getting close! It’s time for a full preview of what to expect from the new episodes! Read on for our extensive HGTV Home Town Season 3 sneak peek, including Ben and Erin’s new plans for Laurel, adorable pics of baby Helen, and one major development that’s drawing comparisons to the network’s most famous couple…

HGTV announces Fixer Upper Season 5 premiere date, reveals more about final episodes

After months of impatient waiting and fun speculation, we finally have an answer to the biggest question in home renovation entertainment: When is Fixer Upper Season 5 coming on? Keep reading for HGTV’s official announcement, a sneak peek at the premiere episode, and everything we know about Chip and Joanna’s victory lap!

VIDEO Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling’s ‘This Morning’ interview is scotch-marinated bananas

Blade Runner 2049 is a movie about a dystopian hellscape. Press tours, for high-profile actors, are often a dystopian hellscape. So 2049 co-stars Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling were already treading on unsteady ground when they set out to promote their new movie together: an endless barrage of banal questions, Ford’s legendary crankiness, the already […]