THE OTHER WAY Ariela on her cuttings scars: ‘This is the truth of my life and I am not ashamed’

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Ariela Weinberg shared an Instagram post last week responding to viewers who couldn’t help but notice the numerous horizontal scars on her upper arms. In the post, Ariela confirms that the scars are from self-inflicted wounds that were the result of a “tumultuous adolescence,” but she is quick to point out that she is not ashamed of the scars as they are part of the “truth of [her] life.”

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Is Shawn being catfished by Destinie? SPOILERS

On the new season of Love after Lockup, cast member Shawn has been sending his prison boo Destinie thousands of dollars, and he is also prepared to shell out a $50,000 bond for her imminent release. In addition to the usual red flags that go along with pretty much any prison relationship, Shawn has the added fact that he and Destinie have never actually met in person or communicated via video. Is he being catfished?!

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP John and Kristianna spoilers, plus Kristianna’s criminal record

The new season of Love After Lockup looks like it will have numerous roller coaster story lines, and I say that in the context of a franchise that is an absolute theme park when it comes to drama! In our latest deep dive into the new cast we dug up a pretty major spoiler for John and Kristianna. (John is the one building a wedding chapel and honeymoon suite in the bed of his pickup truck in hopes of marrying Kristianna on the day she gets out of prison.) Plus, we did some looking into Kristianna’s criminal history, and it is quite extensive!