THE OTHER WAY Daniele says Yohan was physically abusive, cheated on her

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Daniele says Yohan was physically abusive and cheated on her

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple Daniele Gates and Yohan Geronimo appear to be heading for divorce — and their split is anything but amicable.

Daniele recently returned to the Dominican Republic and she has been doing live streams on social media answering questions from her followers. @90_sips_of_realitea on Instagram has been sharing clips from Daniele’s streams, most of which are Daniele defending herself and trashing Yohan.

In one clip, Daniele said she was approached at the airport by someone who recognized her and told her to “just be patient” with Yohan. “Like patience is gonna make a man not be abusive — financially, physically, and emotionally,” Daniele responded to her live viewers. “Like patience is gonna solve that problem.”

Another viewer asked about the alleged abuse. “He loves you. Is he cheating on you? Is he putting his hands on you? You sound so resentful right now.”

“Yes, he is cheating on me,” Daniele replied. “And ‘Is he putting his hands on me?’ He has, but, you know, it was once and I kinda moved on.”

Daniele was asked how she knew Yohan was cheating. Daniele’s response:

I don’t have a picture of his penis in someone else’s vagina, but I have enough evidence of conversations he has with other women and, like, things that he does while I’m not in the country that any normal woman — especially [inaudible] woman — knows what’s happening…I found a bunch of different…pictures with him video chatting with other women. I’ve found a conversation with him and another woman that was, like, inappropriate. He’s lied to me about places that he’s been when he’s been out, and, like, having conversations with other women.

One viewer asks Daniele why she is still in the Dominican Republic. “I’m still here because all of my stuff is here, and my contract for my apartment ends on July 1,” Daniele said.

More from Daniele:

I’m not moving my stuff again because I’m not going back to New York. So, I have to figure out where I’m putting my stuff. I think I’m leaving it all in his family’s house. If it’s gone, it’s gone, but I guess it’s only stuff. That is the easiest and fastest way for me to be happy.

Daniele stated that she plans to go live after tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way “Couples Tell All,” so stay tuned!

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