Christine Brown’s fiancé David Woolley believes she’s still a sister wife

When Christine Brown left her polygamist family in 2021 there were many questions as to whether or not she’d still be considered a sister wife.

Her fiancé David Woolley thinks she is, and is even encouraging her to be one… fully embracing at least one of the stars of TLC’s Sister Wives.

Sister Wives

Sister Wives has followed the polygamist family of Kody Brown since its debut in 2010. 17 seasons later, the Sister Wives costars seem to be going their own separate ways.

The first to officially leave the family was Christine Brown, Kody’s third wife whom he was spiritually married to for over 25 years.

His first wife Meri was basically pushed out of the family by her husband, and while we don’t have any official news on where wife number 2 stands, Janelle has certainly been doing her own thing.

Currently, Kody is pretty much monogamous with his newest wife, Robyn Sullivan Brown.

Breaking away

When Christine Brown announced to her family that she was leaving, there was much discussion as to whether or not that meant that she was still a sister wife.

For example Meri believes that if you are “no longer married to the same man” you are “no longer sister wives.”

While she is no longer married to the Sister Wives patriarch Kody, there are no set in stone rules as to where that leaves her with the rest of his wives.

There is some debate as to whether or not Christine can claim the others as her sister wives now that she is engaged to new man, David Woolley, but in fact he’s one person who still believes in their divine and infinite connection as sisters.

Christine and Janelle friends forever

Janelle and Christine Brown have a bond that cannot be broken. Janelle has expressed her excitement for Christine moving on while Meri and Robyn have been more negative – sharing their mutual concerns.

Janelle and Christine are both invested in the business Plexus, an MLM that keeps them connected. It is also their friendship and mutual respect that seem to link these two for life… they’re actually hanging out more NOW that Christine has left the family!

Recently, Janelle met Christine and her fiancé David in Moab, Utah for an adventure, and his Instagram post revealed just how he thinks about their role in the Brown family.

David Woolley supports Sister Wives

In his recap of their weekend together, Woolley posted video of the group and referred to Janelle as Christine’s ”sister wife.”

Looks like there’s no question about whether or not David Woolley will support his fiancée’s involvement with the Brown family and their claim to the title “sister wives”

if they choose to continue on with that connection.

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