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Major update on the Amazon docuseries exposing the Duggars, Plaths and more

It’s been years since the docuseries targeting followers of Institute of Basic Life Principles was announced. According to reports, the Duggars, Plaths, and Bates wont be safe from this upcoming program from the creators of LuLaRich.

Prime Video has major updates including an official title and potential release date.

What is Institute in Basic Life Principles? Documentary to target Duggars, Plaths, Bates

The creators of the docuseries LuLaRich have their targets set on fundamental Christians like the Duggars, the Plath family from Welcome to Plathville, and the stars of Bringing Up Bates.

The Amazon Studios production is set to expose the dark, cult-like side of the Institute in Basic Life Principles which they support, but what actually is the IBLP?