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RETURN TO AMISH Are Jeremiah and Carmela still together? A relationship timeline!

Return To Amish couple Jeremiah Raber and Carmela Raber have had one of the rockiest relationships in the history or reality television. The couple make their return to TLC tonight with the premiere of Return To Amish Season 7. It’s clear they were still a couple during filming, but are Jeremiah and Carmela still together?

Plus, a full #Jermela relationship timeline with all the ups and downs — including an arrest, alleged murder threats, a $15,000 cash heist, and more!

RETURN TO AMISH Why did Jeremiah Raber’s aunt murder his dad? Was it because of Jeremiah?

Return To Amish star Jeremiah Raber was adopted by an Amish family when he was an infant. After meeting, and being rejected by, his biological mother, Jeremiah reluctantly began to search for his biological dad. No one could have expected what Jeremiah would find out!

Keep reading for all the shocking details surrounding the murder of Jeremiah’s dad, who was killed by his wife after he fathered Jeremiah with his wife’s sister!

New season of Return To Amish premieres March 14 with Jeremiah, Sabrina, Rosana, Ada and more!

TLC has just announced Return To Amish will return on Tuesday, March 14 at 10/9c! The new season will feature lots of familiar faces, as well as some new cast members contemplating whether or not to return to their Amish roots.

Keep reading to find out who is coming back and get to know a little bit about the new cast! Plus, synapses from the first five episodes with quite a few mild spoilers!

RETURN TO AMISH Mama Mary Schmucker cancer update

Breaking Amish and Return To Amish matriarch “Mama Mary” Schmucker revealed earlier this year that she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Mary stated that she was scheduled to have surgery some time in April, but she didn’t provide much additional information. She returned to social media earlier this month and provided an update, including her doctor telling her the cancer has spread.