SEEKING SISTER WIFE The Winder family has a lot to celebrate

The Winder family was first introduced to us on the TLC series Seeking Sister Wife.

Though the polygamist trio has been unsuccessful at adding a third wife, they have nothing but good news to update their fans with.

Between two thriving marriages and a new baby on the way… the Winders have a lot to celebrate!

Seeking Sister Wife

The Winder family starred on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife for two seasons.

The trio wasn’t asked back, and speculation is because they weren’t “scandalous” enough – the polygamist family is conservative and seeking a new wife for strictly religious reasons.

Seeking Sister Wife has aired for 4 seasons since its premiere in 2018 and since then, the Winders have had a lot of updates to share with their fans.

While the wholesome family wont be returning to TV any time soon, you can keep up with all of their exciting announcements on social media.

Marriage Milestones

Though the family has struggled to add a third wife, it doesn’t mean that their current relationships aren’t thriving.

In a new post on Facebook, the threesome is celebrating the 13 year anniversary of Tami and Colton – the first marriage in the Winder family.

With the hashtag #adventuresinWinderland, the post declares that when it comes to Colton and his first wife, they are filled with nothing but blessings.

As the family reports:

Life is hard sometimes, and none of us are perfect, but love abounds, and with it we’re blessed. It’s been a wonderful 13 years.

A Winder baby on the way

Those who follow the family know that their challenges don’t just end with finding a new wife, first spouse Tami has been struggling with her fertility, waiting patiently as second wife Sophie gave birth to not one – but two – babies of her own.

With “a lot of love and a little big of science” Tami Winder is finally having her blessing of another baby come to fruition. As we announced earlier this year, Tami is pregnant with baby number 2 – the 4th for the Winder family.

In the newest Winder family update, the trio shares that the baby is joining their family in “a few short weeks.” We are so excited for them!

Keeping Up with the Winders

If you love these happy updates from the Winders, you’ll need to follow them on socials.

Below is a compiled list of some of the many places you can get your polygamist news! (Besides Starcasm, of course!)

Tami Winder Instagram

Sophie Winder Instagram

The Winder Family Instagram

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The Winders on YouTube

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