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Kayla Cooper explains husband Doug’s arrest, says he was drunk & her son called the police

Gypsy Sisters star Kayla Cooper has issued a lengthy statement detailing exactly what happened the night that her husband of less than two weeks, Douglas Cooper, was arrested and jailed for an outstanding warrant. Kayla contradicts her previous statement and now admits that her teen son Richard called the police over concerns for her safety after Doug had too much too drink and "was soooo drunk he didn't even know he was living in this world."

GYPSY SISTERS Kayla Cooper issues statement on husband Doug’s arrest

As we reported yesterday, Douglas Cooper, the newlywed husband of Gypsy Sisters star Kayla Cooper, was arrested in West Virginia on Sunday. Doug had an outstanding warrant for his arrest due to absconding from parole, but it was unclear why the police were called on him. Kayla has since issued a statement to clarify, denying reports that it was because he was being violent towards her.

GYPSY SISTERS Kayla Cooper’s new husband Douglas arrested

Less than two weeks after marrying Gypsy Sisters star Kayla Williams, and just four days after celebrating his 32nd birthday, Douglas Cooper was arrested and put in jail in West Virginia. Keep reading for more info, including Doug's starting criminal past that includes the death of a prostitute and disguising himself as a utility worker to steal from elderly people.

GYPSY SISTERS Kayla Cooper wedding photos and video, baby via in vitro fertilization coming soon

Congratulations are in order for Gypsy Sisters star Kayla Williams Cooper as she had herself a big, fat simple and elegant American wedding last week! In addition to the wedding news, Kayla also revealed that she and Doug are planning to have a baby via in vitro fertilization! Keep reading for photos, videos, and lots of lovey dovey talk from the newlyweds.

GYPSY SISTERS Kayla announces wedding date after both divorces finalized

It looks like another big fat American Gypsy wedding is in store for Gypsy Sisters star Kayla Williams! Kayla–who goes by Kayla Cooper now–announced on Facebook yesterday that she and her fiance, Douglas Cooper, will be officially tying the knot on July 4 in Atlantic City. She revealed that the date has been set for a while, but both she and Doug were waiting for their divorces to be finalized.

EPIC Gypsy Sisters throwback wedding photo with Nettie, Mellie, Kayla, JoAnn and more

I didn’t think there could possibly be a more amazing Gypsy Sisters throwback photo than that of Mellie, Nettie and JoAnn’s mom Lottie Mae Stanley power lounging in a sea of brown leather and wood paneling, but courtesy of JoAnn “The Gypsy Princess” we now have the EPIC throwback wedding photo above that, despite its lack of bling, is the Sondra Celli dress of Gypsy Sisters throwback pics!