SEEKING SISTER WIFE Epps family and Christeline split up

Seeking Sister Wife Christeline Petersen and Marcus Epps' family split up gif

The estranged wife of Seeking Sister Wife couple Ashley and Dimitri Snowden has struck out with another family from the show.

Christeline “Chrissy” Petersen confirmed late last year that she was officially dating Taryn, India and Marcus Epps from Seeking Sister Wife Season 4, but she just revealed on Instagram that she is no longer with the family.

“So thankful for all the well wishes and messages of concern that I’ve been receiving,” Christeline began her Instagram story post. “As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, I am no longer with the Epps family. We were just not a good match but I am thankful for the experience and everything it taught me.”

Christeline seems to be taking the break up well, unlike her acrimonious split from Dimitri and Ashley Snowden. “The kids and I are doing great but I have been taking a much needed break from social media and will probably continue to do so,” she stated. “Peace and blessings to you all,” Christeline concluded, adding a red heart emoji.

Seeking Sister Wife Dimitri Snowden's ex Chrissy Petersen and Marcus Epps's family have split up

What are the odds that Garrick Merrifield has already slid into Chrissy’s DMs?

Seeking Sister Wife Christeline Marcus and Garrick Merrifield

Epps family not poly any more?

The Epps family members haven’t publicly addressed the split from Christeline on social media. Perhaps they will feel free to do so after Chrissy officially broke the news?

Speaking of the Epps family, they will soon be finding a new place to live in Florida after an eviction filing and court battle with their Orlando landlords. Second wife India is currently flying back to Orlando after spending some time in Denver, Colorado.

India did a Q&A with her Instagram followers earlier today. One follower asked: “What’s one thing you and you’re partner can’t agree on?”

“Polygamy,” India wrote in her initial response. “I want us to be poly again. She doesn’t.”

India explained further with a lengthy addition to her answer:

So here’s the thing I never really promote this lifestyle although I think a lot of families could benefit from it. It takes so much growth, work, communication, selflessness that I think most people would fail at it and then not understand it, and blame the dynamic and not the people if I’m being honest.

If she doesn’t want to again there’s a reason for that at some point she didn’t feel safe anymore start from there and work backwards.

Could it be that the Epps family are no longer seeking a sister wife?

Christeline and Dimitri Snowden divorce update

Dimitri Snowden legally married Christeline Petersen on July 9, 2020, but the marriage was very short lived. South African Christeline officially separated from Dimitri (and wife Ashley) roughly six months after their nuptials, in January of 2021.

In March of 2021, Christeline filed for restraining orders against Dimitri and Ashley. The filings included disturbing allegations of abuse, including this incident from just before the separation in January:

I was woken up by him slamming my head into the headboard of the bed and he was yelling at me. My head was slammed into the headboard several times.

Dimitri officially filed for divorce on May 11, 2021. It’s been just over two years, so what’s the latest update on Dimitri Snowden and Christeline Petersen’s divorce?

The divorce case has not been finalized or dismissed and is still open.

Christeline filed her response in March of 2021. The only other entry on the case’s Registry of Actions since Christeline’s response is a declaration of service for the Final Declaration of Disclosure. There are no upcoming hearings listed on the court’s website.

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