Is Kylie Jenner a bad tipper? Former NYC hostess rates celeb interactions

TikTok user Julia Carolan used to be a hostess in Manhattan. Now she’s known for rating celebs based on her interactions and Kylie Jenner is taking some heat for being a bad tipper.

Keep reading to hear her reviews of Hailey Bieber, the Hadid sisters and more…

Julia Carolan on TikTok

@JuliaCarolann is a TikTok influencer who currently has 366K followers. Often posting about celebrities and pop culture, the social media star has amassed quite the reputation.

Instagram states that her full name is Julia Fleur Carolan and her job is listed as Content Creator at Viral Nation. The 26 year old is originally from New Jersey, but makes her content in New York City.

Previously a hostess in Manhattan, the blogger has interacted with many celebrities – see her reviews of their encounters below…

Kylie Jenner bad tipper?

The first accusation that stands out in her viral TikTok is that Kylie Jenner is apparently a bad tipper. The Kardashians star was “fine to interact with” but when it came time to pay her bill, things took a turn.

According to Carolan, Jenner left a measly $20 tip on a tab of over $500. Pretty rude considering Kylie’s a “self made billionaire.”

Fans aren’t surprised by the low rating (Julia gave her a 2/10) but some think you cant judge someone based on just one anecdote.

Gigi and Bella Hadid

The Hadid sisters are friends with Jenner and have (slightly) less money, so one may assume that Carolan’s interaction with them was just as bad… however, the daughters of Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid actually get an amazing rating.

Scoring a perfect 10/10, Carolyn says they’re as nice as famous people come:

They’re super polite and friendly with staff which unfortunately is rare for celebrities.

Hailey Bieber

Another member of the Jenner/Hadid famous friends crew is Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey Bieber.

While the TikTok user “really wants to like her,” their interactions didn’t give her much reason to worship the celeb as her fans do.

This is going to be controversial but I’ve met her a handful of times and every time she was not nice. I need to give her like a 3.5/10.

Part two

The influencer did a follow up video rating more celebrities. Surprises from that include Drake and Josh star Josh Peck scoring a perfect 10/10 and Kendall Jenner getting a 4/10 for being “cold towards the staff.”


Ask and you shall receive…PART 2‼️ (a friendly reminder that these are just my personal experiences, no hate xo) #manhattan #celebrity #fyp

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