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Rick Ness returns to Gold Rush, new season premieres Sep 29

It’s been rumored for months that Rick Ness would be returning to Gold Rush after a one-season hiatus. Those rumors were finally confirmed earlier today as Discovery released a teaser trailer for Gold Rush Season 14 that concluded with a dramatic Rick Ness reveal!

Keep reading to watch the super-stylized teaser and find out what to expect from the miners this season!

Rick Ness and Leese update; Is he coming back to Gold Rush?

Gold Rush miner Rick Ness and former fiancée Leese Arie have called it quits again — and this break up appears to be final final. The troubled couple’s potentially permanent split happened just as rumors started swirling that Rick may be returning for Gold Rush Season 14.

Keep reading for all the latest on the return of Rick rumors as well as the break up — including Leese’s claim that Rick cheated on her more than 200 times!

GOLD RUSH Rick Ness is engaged, assures fans ‘WE’ll BE BACK’

On the current season of Gold Rush, miner Rick Ness revealed on screen that the reason he wasn’t on the show this season is because he has been struggling with mental health issues including depression. The 41-year-old reality shared some positive news yesterday as he revealed that he is now engaged to his “favorite girl!” Check out the photo and read Rick’s appreciative post thanking the future Mrs. Ness for being “with me through one of the toughest years of my life.”