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STORAGE WARS Jarrod Schulz domestic violence, DUI, resisting arrest charges scheduled for trial next week

Former Storage Wars star Jarrod Schulz has been having some serious legal issues since leaving the popular storage locker bidding show, and his long-time partner, Brandi Passante.

Jarrod has three criminal charges pending from three separate incidents over the past four years — all of which are scheduled to go to trial next week.

Is Storage Wars coming back? Brandi Passante hints at show return, plus more evidence

It’s been more than two years since the last episode of A&E’s hugely popular reality series Storage Wars aired its last episode. Since that time, most of the cast members have laughed off rumors of another season as improbable at best. However, OG bidder boss Brandi Passante seems to have confirmed in a new interview that she and the show are coming back!

STORAGE WARS Did Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz break up? Plus Brandi bikini photos!

We have some disheartening news for fans of Storage Wars couple Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz as it appears as though the reality show couple has called it quits after nearly 20 years together. Brandi has ditched her ring and has been posting numerous photos in which she appears to be having a wonderful time while looking very single and very ready to mingle — including her first ever bikini photo!

Storage Wars icon Barry Weiss in ICU after motorcycle crash, co-stars respond

Beloved Storage Wars star Barry Weiss is recovering in a California hospital after reportedly suffering multiple broken bones, chest, and leg trauma from a motorcycle accident on Thursday. Keep reading to see photos and video from the scene, get an update from the man who was riding with Barry at the time of the crash, and see the reactions from some of Barry’s Storage Wars co-stars.