Jeremy Vuolo questions Jim Bob Duggar’s masculinity in new post

Counting On star Jeremy Vuolo has been feuding with Jim Bob Duggar for years, beginning when Duggar almost didn’t let Voluo court his daughter Jinger because of his opposing views.

In his latest post, Jeremy is coming for his father in law’s masculinity.

The Duggars

The Duggar family has been in the spotlight for decades due to their reality series’ 19 Kids and Counting, as well as the spin off Counting On.

Over the course of these programs we learned more about patriarch Jim Bob Duggar’s strict rules and beliefs when it comes to the ways that women should act… especially when it comes to being fully submissive to their husband.

A father of 7 daughters, Jim Bob gets final approval of anyone who asks to court them and has even denied some of their suitors. In fact, when Jeremy Vuolo asked to pursue now-wife Jinger Duggar, her dad almost said no.

Jeremy Vuolo

Jeremy Vuolo is a born again Christian, reaffirming his faith after an adolescence and young-adulthood full of things he considered sin (drinking, dating, etc.)

His beliefs now align with a (slightly) more progressive take than the Duggar’s, “allowing” his wife to dress less modest, and even wear pants.

Jim Bob Duggar not only disagrees with this view, but he’s frustrated that Jeremy is now in charge and allowed to “make the rules”- ones he finds aren’t nearly as strict as they should be.

The son and father-in-law have been in a constant feud for their opposing beliefs, and Vuolo’s latest post is taking it straight to the jugular.

Jeremy Vuolo challenges Jim Bob’s masculinity

In his newest post on Instagram, Vuolo shares a quote from Allie Beth Stuckey about submissiveness in relationships.

The post points the finger at those who believe submissiveness should be required, and questions the masculinity of anyone who believes so. The last line simply declares “You’re just insecure.”

While this post may or may not directly be directed at Jim Bob, it’s very possible that Vuolo was throwing shade. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have spoken on the importance of submissiveness several times in the past, and so agreeing with this take so publicly really comes off as a major dig towards his in-laws.

Your move, Jim Bob!

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