LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Michael Simmons 2023 arrest details EXCLUSIVE

Life After Lockup Michael Simmons Miami arrest details

As Starcasm previously reported, Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Michael Simmons was arrested in Miami in March and charged with two felonies. We now have the police report from the arrest with exclusive details about what happened.

On the afternoon of March 16, the Hialeah Police Department “received a call from a complainant stating that a husband and wife were arguing in front of Big Daddy’s Liquours.”

The caller described Michael as “wearing a purple shirt, blue jeans, and black flip flops.” The woman with Michael was his girlfriend (and mother of his most recent child), Maria. She was said to be “wearing a pink tank top and blue jeans.”

An officer arrived on the scene and saw Michael and Maria arguing. The officer describes Michael as being in an “agitated state” and “due to the defendant’s aggressive demeanor” the officer “asked the defendant to sit down by the fence.”

Michael was reportedly non-compliant as he told the officer, “Do you want to kill someone today? Because I am leaving, so if you are going to kill someone, kill me.”

From the police report:

The defendant then began to stand up as [the officer] gave loud verbal commands telling the defendant to sit back down. The defendant failed to comply with [the officer]’s lawful commands, so [the officer] attempted to detain the defendant.

The defendant began tensing his arms and pulling away from [the officer]. [The officer] then told the defendant to lie on his stomach, but once again, he refused to comply. [The officer] then attempted to once again detain the defendant, and a struggle ensued. The defendant then pushed [the officer] on his chest and grabbed his shirt pocket, and it ripped in the process. [The officer] then gave a distractionary blow to the defendant’s left side of the face.

At this point, [a sergeant] arrived on the scene and began assisting [the officer] in detaining the defendant, to no avail.

A third officer arrived and “redirected the defendant to the ground,” at which point they were able to put handcuffs on Michael.

The defendant sustained an abrasion on his arms and facial area due to the incident. [The officer] sustained minor scratches to his left forearm area. The crime scene technician responded and photographed the defendant and [the officer].

Michael Simmons was charged with a felony count of battery of a police officer and a felony count of resisting an officer with violence to his person.

According to Miami-Dade County court records, there was “no action” on the battery of a police officer charge, but the resisting an officer with violence to his person charge was filed and is still open. There is a plea set for June 6.

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