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Will Khloe Kardashian have the family’s second pregnancy announcement of the year?

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We already know that Kris Jenner is trying to make sure every one of her daughters gets pregnant this year. But rumors of Khloe Kardashian’s second pregnancy got a huge boost this week thanks to Khloe herself, after an innocuous response to a fan on Twitter sent the gossip mills a-spinning.

How many Kardashians are pregnant right now?

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The Kardashians didn’t wait long to announce the family’s latest pregnancy. Just two days into the new year, Kim and Kanye revealed they’re expecting baby number four via surrogate sometime in the late summer. With gossip and speculation about further Kardashian babies all a-swirl, one can only wonder whether Kris Jenner is engineering another multi-pregnancy headline dominating frenzy for her family.

Someone wants you to think Scott Disick is banging every Kardashian

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Over the last few days, there’s been an intriguing number of new tabloid articles claiming Scott Disick is sleeping with at least two different Kardashian sisters. Whoever’s planting these stories wants the public to think that Scott is literally and figuratively playing the Kardashians off of each other — but why?