PUMP RULES Tom Sandoval used code names to hide affair with Raquel Leviss


“Scandoval” continues! Amid their rumored breakup, one has to ask if Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval will change his code name for Raquel Leviss in his cell phone.

See what name he used below, and find out more about their alleged split… conveniently timed for right before the show’s season finale.


There’s probably not too many people left on planet earth who DON’T know about the Vanderpump Rules “scandoval” that literally has everyone SHOOK.

Earlier in 2023 it was revealed that VPR cast members Tom Sandoval and Raquel (real name: Rachel) Leviss were having an affair, while Sandoval was committed to long time partner Ariana Madix, whom he dated for nearly a decade.

Twitter has had a field day with the news, boosting the ratings for the show to the highest they’ve been in years. The finale just aired on Bravo, and more details of their adulterous acts are being released daily.

Vanderpump code names

During their nearly 7 month long affair, it turns out that Tom and Raquel did everything they could to be as sneaky (and shady) as possible in order to prevent their friends from finding out.

According to multiple reports, Sandoval and Leviss even went as far to allegedly use code names for each other in their cell phones to throw people off their scent.

While we aren’t sure what Sandoval’s decoy was, apparently Raquel was saved as “Jamie” in his phone. Perez Hilton claims that during the affair, Ariana never caught on to the “Jamie” code name, though now she for sure has the info.

Tom Sandoval’s multiple breakups

Tom and Ariana broke up immediately after the news was leaked, but now Tom is losing yet another girlfriend… rumor has it Tom and Raquel have now officially broken up, as well.

Announced directly ahead of the Vanderpump Rules finale, some fans think that this is all too conveniently timed.

After a public argument with Miraval Spa for outing him for using their facilities to “hide out,” it seems like everything Tom Sandoval does is front page news right now… whether it’s real or just a secret code.

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