WELCOME TO PLATHVILLE Moriah Plath’s ex Max engaged, to be an stepfather

Fans of Welcome to Plathville will remember Max Kallschmidt as the guy who broke Moriah Plath’s heart. Her first real relationship appeared to be a dream, until news broke of a cheating scandal that seemed to totally destroy her.

It looks like Kallschmidt has moved on… and is now nearly ENGAGED to a woman who has a child! See what the “step-dad to be” is up to now…

Welcome to Plathville

Welcome to Plathville is a reality tv series that has ran for 4 seasons on TLC. Since 2019, the Plath family has experienced a rollercoaster of emotions and changes.

WELCOME TO PLATHVILLE The Plaths reunite without THESE family members

What started as a wholesome family show quickly started to unravel, riddled with break ups, divorce, and even a DUI.

One of the saddest storylines so far has been watching the beginning, and end, of Moriah Plath’s first relationship.

Moriah and Max

Moriah Plath, 20, is the 4th child of Barry and Kim Plath. The first real “rebel” of the family, she was the first to break rank when it came to dress code, personality, and kissing boys.

Plath met Max Kallschmidt in season 2 and over the course of the next 2 seasons we watched their relationship blossom, and then ultimately fall apart.

While she was never truly honest about exactly what happened, we know that Kallschmidt has fessed up to cheating on her at a party, a move that completely devastated Plath and sent her into a tailspin.

In the premiere of season 4 Moriah explained:

I’m not going to go into details. Since then, I have been in a dark place. … It hurts really bad, especially when you think that you found the one and you had all of these plans of forever, and it turns out to not be true.

It appears Moriah has recovered, focusing on her music career under the name Moriah Jasper. Max Kallschmidt has also moved on… and is apparently starting a brand new family.

Max Kallschmidt

Max Kallschmidt stayed out of the public eye after the backlash from cheating on Plath, but now the 22 year old is back and happy to share what he’s been up to in the mean time.

On Instagram this week Kallschmidt posted what looked to be family photos – with his soon to be fiancée and her daughter, captioning the post simply “Simple, peaceful, happy 💛🙂🥰”

In the comments section, which now appear to be private, he commented back to a fan “step-dad to be.”

Interestingly, this mystery woman actually has a connection to the Plath family – Lauren is rumored to be Olivia Plath‘s sister.

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