THE KARDASHIANS True Thompson, 5, lands first speaking role in commercial

The Kardashian empire is expanding to the next “Jenneration.” True Thompson, 5, is starring in a commercial with mom Khloé Kardashian and grandma Kris Jenner.

Keep reading to watch the adorable spot for a new plant based food product…

The Kardashians

The Kardashian family is known for promoting thousands of different products.

Since their 2007 debut on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, members of the family have started several of their own businesses… and have also given shout outs to all their favorite brands.

Back in the day, Kim and her sisters were busy pushing anything they could to get in the spotlight. Skechers Shape-Ups, QuickTrim diet pills, and an OPI nail polish line were just a few of their earliest endorsement deals.

It looks like the next “Jenneration” is getting in on the family business, as the Kardashian kids are now beginning to appear in commercial deals of their own.

True Thompson

True Thompson is the first child for Khloé Kardashian, 38. Conceived naturally, Kardashian seemed disappointed that she was having a girl… but now the two ladies are fully are joined at the hip.

Even though father Tristian Thompson cheated several times over the course of their relationship, and despite having a child with someone else in between, Kardashian had a second baby with Thompson, this time a boy via surrogate.

While “Baby T” still hasn’t made many public appearances, True, age 5, is fully shining in the spotlight. She even has her own lines in a new commercial!

Get that bag, girl!

Country Crock

One of the latest endorsement deals for the Kar-Jenners is from butter brand Country Crock. Their new product, which is fully plant based, is available now and being promoted in an adorable spot by the famous family.

During the commercial below, Khloé and Kris compete in a humorous “cooking competition” in which Jenner ends up cheating by having her chef help bail her out.

At the end of the ad, True Thompson makes her appearance. When mom Khloé asks her who the winner is, the 5 year old gives 2 thumbs up after eating a baked good made with the product and declares “COUNTRY CROCK!” Adorable.

Honestly, we can’t wait to try this new plant butter… which is fully Kardashian, Jenner, and Thompson approved!

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