THE OTHER WAY Nicole greets Mahmoud in US while TLC films VIDEO

90 Day Fiance the Other Way Nicole and Mahmoud in the United States

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way stars Nicole and Mahmoud are still together. In America!

Red-headed Nicole Sherbiny was filmed greeting her Egyptian husband Mahmoud at the Los Angeles airport this week by an X17 Online paparazzo.

In addition to the X17 videographer, there was also what is assumed to be a 90 Day Fiance film crew capturing the couple’s American reunion for an upcoming season.

X17 shared more than 10 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, including the TLC film crew re-enacting Nicole meeting Mahmoud at a different location in the airport.

As mentioned, Nicole has gone back to red hair — perhaps because of the tidal wave of positive comments online about an older photo of herself with Mahmoud in which she has a similar tint. She’s holding a handmade sign that reads: “Welcome Home Mahmoud My Love.”

Nicole does have her arms covered with a long-sleeve jacket, and her fitted dress covers her from neck to calf. Pretty much the entire time the couple is filmed, Nicole can be seen being openly affectionate, including kissing Mahmoud multiple times.

It’s unclear what show Nicole and Mahmoud were filming for at the airport. Given the fact that Mahmoud is now in America, they will likely not be returning to The Other Way. Also, given that they are already married, an appearance on the original 90 Day Fiance seems like a bad fit as well.

That would leave 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After as the probable answer.

It will be interesting to see how producers handle the fact that there is actual video footage of Nicole and Mahmoud meeting for the first time in the US that is different than what they plan to include on the show. Most viewers are likely aware producers recreate a lot of the airport scenes, but having professionally shot footage of the actual meeting will be difficult to pretend doesn’t exist.

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