BRINGING UP BATES Erin Bates expecting baby #6 after ovary removal

Bringing Up Bates star Erin Bates and husband Chad Paine are expecting their 6th child.

See the adorable baby announcement below…

Bringing Up Bates

Bringing Up Bates followed the fundie family the Bates for 10 seasons starting in 2015. Parents Kelly and Gil have 19 children, number 3 in line being Erin Paine.

During the run of the seasons there have been many Bates marriages and babies, in fact Trace and Lydia Bates, as well as Zach and Whitney Bates are also expecting right now.

The last Bates baby to be born was Kenna Bates to Esther and Nathan Bates in October 2022.

Looks like the new generation of Bates are busy building families of their own, and Erin and Chad Paine are no exception.

Erin and Chad

Erin Bates married Chad Paine after a brief engagement. The two have been a popular couple of the franchise, with many rooting for their success. Their wedding was featured on 19 Kids and Counting in 2014.

Vocally coming out against the Institute of Basic Life Principles, the pair are very much conservative Christians, but they certainly take some liberties when it comes to their parents strict form of upbringing.

Bringing Up Bates’ Erin Paine denounces family’s religious group, the IBLP

Father Gil, for example, holds a board position with the IBLP… a move we are sure the Paines disagree with.

The pair have 5 kids to date, but with the latest announcement on Instagram, it appears number 6 is on its way.

Baby makes 6

Erin and Chad made announcing baby number 6 a family affair. In their post, all 5 children are accounted for: Carson, 7, Brooklyn, 6, Everly, 5, Holland, 3, and Finley, 1.

In various photos different children are seen holding up an accordion of ultrasound photos.

The Paines didn’t just stop with a photo, they posted an entire video of them surprising the kids with the news.

In a Mother’s Day tribute photo with Kelly Bates, the Paine family is seen wearing the same outfits as in their baby announcement – leading us to believe that Kelly found out the exciting news on the special holiday, as well.

This news is even more exciting considering Erin had 2/3rd of her ovaries removed after her last pregnancy. They didn’t know how this would affect fertility, but it looks like they’re continuing to be been blessed!

Congratulations to Chad and Erin Paine on your rapidly expanding family!

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