Kristin Cavallari’s ex Jay Cutler slaughtered a bear on recent hunt

Jay Cutler, ex star of Very Cavallari, has gone from playing on the Bears to murdering them.

See photos from his recent hunt and read the mixed fan reactions here…

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler, 40, is an ex-NFL star who is best known for playing quarterback for the Chicago Bears.

A pro-athlete for 12 seasons, Cutler was named a first-team All-State selection by the Associated Press as a senior. An Indiana native, the star grew up as a fan of the Chicago Bears and inevitably ended up playing for their team from 2009-2016.

His career ended in 2017 when he finished one season with the Miami Dolphins with a contract of $10M. In the beginning of his pro career he also had one season with the Denver Broncos.

Jay’s ties to reality tv

Jay Cutler actually has a few ties to reality television. Married to Kristin Cavallari in 2013, the footballer starred on 3 seasons of their hit docuseries Very Cavallari before their divorce was finalized in 2022.

After that (or possibly during…) he was also linked to Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy, who ended up leaking DM’s proving that he had “hit her up” and was interested in starting a fling.

Though Cutler has a low maintenance attitude, his affinity for blonde reality stars keeps pulling him back into the spotlight.

Bear murderer or conservation king?

A known hunter, Cutler’s latest move is being seen as somewhat controversial. On a recent hunt, the former athlete took down a bear… an ironic display, if you ask us.

Fans in the comments have mixed reviews, with some of them shocked that the star would commit such a heinous act, and others commending him – conservationists in Montana claim that this is actually helpful to the environment and Jay was just exercising his freedom while helping a good cause.

+Hunting helps with population control and it also helps feed people for crying out loud! It’s perfectly normal to hunt for food.

+The pronoun people aren’t gonna like this one Jay

+Jesus Christ. No wonder your wife left you.

+How can you even be proud of this?

What do you think? Is Jay Cutler’s latest “slay” good or bad?

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