LOVE DURING LOCKUP Meet Keith’s wife LaTisha Collier, accountant from Davenport, Iowa

Love During Lockup LaTisha Collier accountant

We continue to roll out profiles of the Love During Lockup Season 3 cast! We previously introduced you to inmate Keith “Lil Mike” Collier, who is serving a 14-year sentence for crack and marijuana possession with intent to distribute.

Now, we’d like to introduce you to Keith’s significant other, “Boss” accountant hottie LaTisha Collier! If you’ve see the Love During Lockup Season 3 trailer, LaTisha is the woman laying in bed in lingerie during a video call with an inmate. She’s also the one who rolls her eyes and exclaims, “Ohh my gaaahd!”

36-year-old LaTisha lives in Davenport, Iowa where she owns and runs Boss Tax and Accounting Services. Here’s the “About Us” from the Boss T&A website:

Boss Tax & Accounting Services has been providing clients personalized services based in the Quad Cities area of Iowa and Illinois with growing success. We also provide service virtually in all 50 states. With our certified training and expansive financial, credit and tax knowledge, we are equipped to handle all of our tax preparation, bankruptcy, business and credit service needs, no matter how complex. Whether you require assistance at the corporate or personal level, we are ready to serve as your tax planners and select accounting and credit needs.

LaTisha Collier Love During Lockup accountant from Davenport Iowa

Lisa reveals she and Keith were legally married on May 5, 2022. She shared this one-year anniversary post on Facebook earlier this month:

Happy 1 year Wedding Anniversary to me and my husband ❤ You are my bestfriend and such an AMAZING man🥺 I love you soooo much and we are sooooo close! 3 years ago I would have never thought that we would be where we are now. Growing a life together, combining and adding to our family. I’ve never had a support system like I do now. Even my kids have benefited from you and you have shown and taught us soo much. The girls love you. I love you. UNCONDITIONALLY and forever LOCKED IN 🥰

#MeetTheColliers #weddinganniversary #loveduringlockup #WeTV #LockedIN #truelove

LaTisha mentions having kids in the anniversary post. She has two daughters, with the youngest just turning 6 last month and the oldest being 14.

Keith appears to have three children. That number is based on my “boss accounting” skills and a September, 2022 Facebook post by LaTisha. In that post, she says she and Keith have “a total of five kids and we want more.”

The anniversary post from LaTisha also mentions “adding to our family.” There is no indication that LaTisha has followed in the footsteps of Love After Lockup OG Andrea Edwards Owusu by getting pregnant via the “prison closet.” She appears to be referencing the fact that she and Keith plan to have additional children once he is released.

Here is LaTisha’s full post from September of 2022 in which she reveals that she is a boss when it comes to accounting, but not so much when it comes to her relationship with Keith:

Love During Lockup LaTisha Collier on Facebook

Non-inmate cast members on Love After Lockup and Love During Lockup often receive a lot of criticism from fans. Dealing with the negativity won’t be anything new for LaTisha. Check out this slightly censored post from LaTisha shared last month on every accountant’s favorite day, April 15:

Y’all are some haters lol that’s why you broke miserable and lonely now wishing the next b*tch Ni**a was yours. What he do for me ain’t meant to be done for nobody else. I bring that out in him. It’s called PRESSURE that he ain’t neva felt before that’s why he changed my last name and spoil me and lovesss my kids like they are his biological. This is the type of treatment you get when you f**king with a real man✍🏽

One month later, LaTisha shared another post defending her inmate hubby, but this time she focussed a little more on the positive:

It ain’t gotta make sense to y’all! But it makes sense to US‼️ Baby you CHANGED my last name and took over our household. I have never been able to REALLY submit to a man until I met a REAL MAN. We 🔐 In til death do us part ❤️ My El Hefe 😍 My Love 🥰 My PROVIDER, PROTECTOR & BESTFRIEND❤️🤞🏽 My HUSBAND❤️🥰 Its US til the end🖕🏽 the rest🤞🏽 I love you and even in your toughest moment you still PROVIDE, PROTECT, and SPOIL your family. You are an AMAZING man and a REAL Boss and I can’t wait to pick you up from those gates🎊🎉 I DO love you and am blessed to be your Queen🥰🥰🥰

If you want to keep up with LaTisha, even before the July premiere of Love During Lockup Season 3, then give her a follow over on Instagram @heartofaboss! I will wrap up this post with a few of LaTisha’s Instagram posts, including a couple video clips of her outside the federal prison in Florence, Colorado after a visit with Keith:

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