VPR Fans think Lisa Vanderpump is losing power over her cast after reunion

Vanderpump Rules fans think Lisa Vanderpump is losing power over her cast after she gets roasted during part one of the show’s reunion.

See the clapbacks from Lala Kent as well as Twitter’s reaction here…

Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules is a Bravo reality series that follows its cast of (mostly former) restaurant employees who are/were employed by Lisa Vanderpump. At the conception of the show, everyone worked together at her West Hollywood eatery SUR.

VPR has run for 10 seasons starting in 2013. Since then the castmates have been through everything together including divorce, babies, and several cheating allegations.

The show is back on the map due to its biggest infidelity scandal yet… or should we say Scandoval.


In March 2023 it was revealed that Tom Sandoval had been cheating on long time girlfriend Ariana Madix with their mutual friend Raquel (Rachel) Leviss. The news shocked not just social media, but unexpectedly – all of pop culture.


Since the rumor broke there has been many juicy details that have emerged, like the fact that Tom and Ariana used code names to hide each others true identities in their phones.

The most insider gossip we’ve gotten though is from part one of the reunion that aired on May 24. Lots of unexpected things happened, including matriarch/boss Lisa Vanderpump getting totally roasted by her cast.

Tables turn on Lisa Vanderpump

Back when Vanderpump Rules focused on the young employees of SUR, its name could be taken literally – Lisa Vanderpump literally ruled over her cast both as a producer and a boss. However, some fans now think her reign might be coming to an end.

As everyone has grown up and gone on to their own bigger projects, its possible that Vanderpump doesn’t have the pull that she once used to. This was very evident during part one of the reunion when Lala Kent shut her former boss down with an epic clapback no one saw coming… seen in the tweet below:

Fans were quick to react, with many saying that she’s losing control over her flock.

Do you think Vanderpump still rules or is she going to get ousted by the very people she created? You’ll need to tune in to part 2 of the VPR reunion which airs Part-2 on Wednesday, May 31, 2023 with this description:

The Season 10 reunion continues as Andy Cohen presses Scheana for details of the altercation that led to Raquel’s restraining order. James’ girlfriend, Ally, takes the stage to discuss James’ temper and the future of their relationship. The group debates the origins of the infamous open relationship rumor. Scheana gives up her spot for Raquel, who must face the group for the first time since news of the affair became public.

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